A DIY Tesla "Gas Can" (Portable Suitcase Battery)? Say What

We’ve seen this concept on numerous occasions. Will it work this time?

Many people have asked, why can’t you just carry along an extra battery for your Tesla, or any EV for that matter? Well, batteries are big, heavy, and expensive. To make a battery pack the size of a suitcase that you could easily carry would seem next to impossible. Even if you could pull it off, it may only offer marginal range, if any.

YouTuber Jehu Garcia has been talking about this concept for some time, and a few other popular Tesla fans have given it a shot, albeit unsuccessfully (we’ve embedded those videos at the bottom of this article for background).

Anyhow, Garcia is well aware that people will likely call his project clickbait and say that there’s no way it will work. So, he teamed up with Ben Sullins to provide a video that focuses on actually testing his creation.

Check out Sullins’ video above , then scroll down to see Garcia’s detailed build video below, as well as some previous attempts that didn’t work out at all, or at least not as well. In the end, none of these options are a real solution, although Garcia’s creation is the best attempt we’ve seen thus far.

Video Description via Teslanomics with Ben Sullins on YouTube:

DIY Tesla Gas Can – Will it Work?

I worked with my friend Jehu Garcia on this project and we were pretty excited to test it on a Tesla. So the question is, will it work well enough as a gas can for a Tesla?

Video Description via jehugarcia on YouTube:

600,000mAh DIY Power Pack build

Its not Click Bait 200 cells x 3000mah = 600,000mAh AKA as 2.2kWh
Part 2 with Teslanomics

Build Parts list:
Recommended Inverters https://kit.com/jehu/power-inverters

Reference How to videos for this project:
HP battery modules: https://youtu.be/lurcyvYLg6Q
BMS Modules: https://youtu.be/NDKOxYSxp6g

Sullins’ prior attempt was in partnership with Dan Markham, creator of the YouTube channels What’s Inside? and What’s Inside? Family. Markham also tried another option a few months later, as you can see from the second video below.

As usual, we appreciate your insight in the comment section below. Also, are you aware of any other, similar projects? Will something like this ever be viable?

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