Now You Can Build a Scale Model Kit of Hyundai’s First Car

While I still haven’t finished building my Fujimi Toyota Previa Police Interceptor kit, the shopping for new plastic scale model kits continues (another great Fujimi kit, the Mad Police Venus Toyota Supra, remains far too costly… for now). While there’s nothing quite like a JDM kit, SKDM kits seem very promising. South Korea’s Academy Hobby Model Kits, in a burst of patriotic pride, now offers a 1:24 kit of Hyundai’s very first mass-produced car: the 1975 Pony.

The Pony was a simple rear-wheel drive machine with plenty of Mitsubishi and Ford of Europe components, styled by Giorgetto Giugiaro (the successor to the Pony, the much more sophisticated Excel, also featured Mitsubishi running gear and Giugiaro design). It wasn’t exported to the United States, though Canadians were able to buy the second-generation version. And now you can build what appears to be a high-quality plastic scale model kit of this car!

This kit even comes with a 1:24-scale replica of an idealized first-gen Pony owner, a smartly-dressed South Korean woman. Is she counting the days until the release of the Hyundai Grandeur (which first appeared in 1986)?

You can find several eBay sellers offering these kits, including one version that comes with a display stand equipped with a Yeongdong Expressway sign.

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