Boxy but good: A book about Volvo wagons is here for those cold winter days

This tome traces the history of the Volvo wagon, from the early models to the current crop of longroofs.

It’s easy to take Volvo station wagons for granted, given the various models’ status as the “boxy but good” suburban longroofs, whose dominance arguably peaked when the 240, 850 and 940 wagons were all on sale at the same time. Of course, there is more to Volvo wagons than the brick-like design, as the pragmatic and buttoned-up longroofs resisted the passing fads of car styling. But they’ve rarely received much interest from automotive authors, until the debut of The Volvo Estate Car: Design Icon & Faithful Companion by Ashley Hollebone.

Volvo station wagons, of course, date back to well before the debut of the 140 series and the 240 series models that remained in production until 1993. The Swedish automaker embraced the practical wagon bodystyle decades prior. Automakers that long considered themselves makers of luxury sedans and coupes sought to get a slice of the wagon pie, but Volvo beat them to the punch. 

“Sweden’s answer to Germany’s people’s car arrived some 20 years earlier, and quickly paved the way for safe and dependable vehicles,” Veloce Publishing says. “This book chronicles the evolution of the Volvo estate car, with every model featured. Whether you are a Volvo lover or just have a general interest in cars, this book offers an informative and interesting look into a car that has had very little media coverage, despite its vast global sales success and the affection with which it is held by so many.”

Volvo is now returning to a lineup with multiple wagons and crossovers—enough longroofs to rival the heyday of the 1980s.

If you think you’ve seen every old Volvo wagon model, this book might change that: Besides longer-wheelbase 240 series wagons that Sweden received, the automaker created several (boxy) concept cars that never saw production.

The book itself first went on sale in 2017, but it has now been updated and is now available in paperback. Filled with photos of every Volvo wagon model, including some that have never been published before, this tome traces the history of Volvo’s longroof models just as the automaker is focusing on station wagons again. 

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