1995: Audi A4 is not intended for use by rich English jerks

German sporty sedans have long suffered from association with arrogant sociopathic rich (insert pungent monosyllabic British insult here) in the United Kingdom, with BMW suffering most heavily from this image problem. Yes, the kind of amoral Patrick Bateman-style investment banker who takes his snakeskin suit and alligator boots to the vet instead of the laundrette might well take a test drive in the new 1995 Audi A4… but we see in this UK-market television advertisement that the Audi is “not really my style, know what I mean?”

Of course, marketing attitudes about ruthless, go-getter men may differ on this side of the Atlantic, as we saw in kick-in-the-teeth vivid fashion with the notorious Cadillac ELR commercial of 2014, or when the square-jawed 2002 Chevy Avalanche owner schooled that weasely urban-intellectual type in front of the New Sheridan Hotel in Telluride.

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