1984: Your new Volvo might make it to the year 2000

The Volvo 740 didn’t go on sale in North America until the 1985 model year, so this is an all-240 lineup.

Volvo made the brick-shaped 240 from 1974 through 1993, and it remains the most iconic vehicle ever to come straight outta Göteborg. While the platform was showing its age by 1984 (its overlapping successor, the 700 Series, didn’t arrive on these shores until the 1985 model year), American car shoppers knew that the good old 240 could be counted on for safety and reliability.

This costly three-page foldout magazine advertisement shows the 242, 244 and 245 and touts the average life expectancy of a Volvo at that time: 16 years, or enough to make it to the incomprehensibly futuristic 21st century! Of course, the Volvos being sold 16 years prior to 1984 were the rock-solid 140 and the unkillable Amazon (and the farm-tractor-simple PV544 had gone out of production a mere 18 years earlier), but most 240s proved to be good enough— and beloved enough by their doting owners— to make it well into our current century.

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