1983 Chevrolet Celebrity Challenges the World With Its Iron Duke Engine

In hindsight, the Chevrolet Celebrity didn’t make much of a mark on our automotive culture (despite more than two million sold during the car’s decade-long production run). GM pushed this car hard during the USA-1 era of the early-to-middle 1980s. One undeniable fact about the early Celebrity was that its base engine— the 2.5-liter Iron Duke four-banger— had more displacement than the most affordable engines in the Dodge 600 (2.2 liters) and Ford LTD (2.3 liters). Never mind that the Duke made just 92 horses against the 600’s 94 hp and the LTD was close behind with 90— the Celebrity showed that there was no replacement for displacement! Here’s a magazine advertisement celebrating that fact, along with the Celebrity’s trouncing of the Toyota Cressida and Datsun Maxima in the fuel-economy department.

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