Single Plane vs Dual Plane: How Do I Choose an Intake Manifold?

Which makes for a better manifold: a dual-plane intake or a single-plane intake? We explain the differences and offer guidelines on when to pick one over the other. See all 11 photos In most tests on engines up to 6,500 rpm, a modern high-rise dual-plane intake like this Chevrolet Performance

What's The Best Tyre For A 'Normal' Car?

While testing enormously expensive, super-sticky track tyres looks like a whole lot of fun, it’s not especially relevant for many folks. Perhaps that’s why Jon Benson of Tyre Reviews has followed up his test of three such boots from Michelin, Goodyear and Pirelli with something more for the people. Benson

Build A Traditional 1940s Style Hot Rod

Recreating the period-correct look from hot rodding’s early years. In its earliest days, hot rodding wasn’t really about nostalgia, and hot rodders weren’t trying to do anything “vintage.” Today that’s a big part of the hobby. While many rodders today are building high-tech hot rods with modern components, others are

Does K&W FiberLock Really Work? We Test it!

We get questions all the time about leaks and drips. You know the kind—they taunt your vast knowledge of engines, dropping puddles on the tarmac, and leave you and your family members stranded and embarrassed by the side of the road. The granddaddy of them all is the blown head

These 6 SUVs Have Been Rendered As Saloons And We Don't Hate Them

When Jaguar Land Rover trademarked the name ‘Road Rover’ a while ago, the Internet was suddenly awash with renders showing Range Rovers digitally converted into saloons. The reality is the car will be a low-riding crossover, but what if some of the world’s most popular SUVs were turned into saloons?

Does The New BMW 4-Series Look Any Better In M4 Or Convertible Forms?

There’s a lot that’s interesting about the new BMW 4-series, from its range-topping mild-hybrid inline-six engine to the healthily beefed-up chassis. 99 per cent of new 4er debate on the Internet, however, concerns those kidney grilles. Although we insist we’re sort of used to them already thanks to all the

2020 Audi A6 Allroad wagon earns Top Safety Pick+

The 2020 Audi A6 Allroad wagon earned a Top Safety Pick+ designation, the highest safety award bestowed by the IIHS, the automaker announced Monday. The Allroad’s sedan counterpart, the 2020 Audi A6, also earned a TSP+ designation.  Both vehicles earned “Good” ratings on all six crash tests, but the Allroad

How It'd Look If Every Car Was Styled Like A Tesla Cybertruck

Perhaps you think it looks ridiculous. Maybe you’re (rightly) convinced there’s no way it’ll make production without significant alterations. Regardless, you can’t deny the Tesla Cybertruck’s ability to grab people’s attention. But what if all cars were styled in this ruler-heavy kind of way? How might it look? Thankfully, someone

The Car Connection’s Safest New Vehicles of 2020

New cars are safer than ever before. Fatal crashes are fewer, while miles traveled on American roadways are higher than ever before. Most new cars are equipped with vital life-saving equipment such as automatic emergency braking, and many can be equipped with even more new tech that can prevent crashes