Mazda, Subaru top safest new cars for teens list

Certain Mazda and Subaru vehicles make the safest new cars for teens, according to a list compiled by Consumer Reports and the IIHS and released on Wednesday.  The list marks the second time the non-profit agencies have teamed up to recommend the safest cars for inexperienced drivers. In late July,

ABT RS4-S Is An Audi RS4 Avant With Extra Oomph

Audi’s best wagon gets even better. If the lack of Audi RS4 Avant in American didn’t already sting enough, the team over at ABT tuned the refreshed hot wagon into a genuine supercar slaying wagon. The RS4 Avant is an impressive car from the factory, but as ABT discovered, several

This Tesla-Swap Electric Crate Motor Drops Right Into Your Classic Muscle Car

Placing a Tesla side-by-side with a ’70s muscle car is the definition of polar opposites. Five decades of technological advancement in one compared to raw, rumbling power in the other. Loud versus silent. Eight cylinders versus zero. Gas versus electric. In fact, there’s probably no greater juxtaposition than the two…unless

European Safety Assessment Slams Tesla Autopilot for Its Inability to Keep Drivers' Attention

A European assessment of driver assistance features put Tesla’s Autopilot system on blast for its poor ability to keep drivers focused on the road, reports Reuters.  The European New Car Assessment Program (NCAP) teamed up with U.K. insurance group Thatcham Research to rank ten different driver assistance systems that automate

Audi Never Made An RS2 Coupe, So Prior Design Fixed That

Just 40 examples will be built. If there’s one thing that we don’t like about the Audi RS2, it’s that it came in just one form. It was arguably the best-possible body style, a wagon, but – again – there wasn’t a coupe, for example. Finally, some 25 years after

2022 Hyundai Tucson Looks Wild In The Metal

This video answers any question you have about the new Tucson. If you have any interest in the 2022 Hyundai Tucson, then this video from the channel Asian Petrolhead is something you have to watch. The host takes viewers through every aspect of the new crossover, including pushing practically every

New Nissan Z Not Using Adaptive Steering, Goal Is A 'Connected' Feel

The Z needs to be engaging for drivers. The new Nissan Z is shaping up to an accessible sports car with a pure, driver-focused experience behind the wheel. That apparently includes not using the drive-by-wire Direct Adaptive Steering system available on some Nissan and Infiniti vehicles, according to a report from