1950s Japanese Camera Visits Wisconsin Junkyard, Sees in Infrared

One thing that’s beneficial for those of us who like to photograph junkyards and race tracks with elderly photographic hardware is the ready availability of weird film types in 35mm and 120 formats. That includes film sensitive to infrared light wavelengths, which (when combined with a lens filter that blocks

The Electric Lucid Air Officially Has 520 Miles of Range: EPA

The electric vehicle world officially has a new range king because the Lucid Air, in its most efficient Dream Edition Range guise, is now EPA-rated for 520 miles of driving between charges. That actually beats the manufacturer’s own claim by three miles, also making it the longest-range EV the government

Mining Lithium For EV Batteries (and Nukes) in the Arctic Is Probably a Bad Idea

The Arctic Circle has faced some problems in the past few years. Things like the melting ice caps and massive human pollution thanks to mining activities have really screwed things up—and not to mention it’s also become an increasingly strategic area worth fighting for. That’s all bad but the news

The Audi Grandsphere Is a Level 4 Autonomous EV Concept With a Disappearing Steering Wheel

Audi announced its Vorsprung 2030 vision for electrification, autonomy and development last week, saying all its new models will be electric by 2026, and by 2033 it’ll end all combustion engine production. Today, it’s unveiled the Grandsphere concept vehicle, designed to be a “private jet of the road.” You might

Lucid Air Getting 1,111-HP Performance Edition

Lucid announced Wednesday morning that its Air Dream Edition luxury sedan—the one that we recently said offers plenty of legroom—will be available in two distinct versions. These variants are bluntly named the Dream Edition Performance and Dream Edition Range, so you can probably figure out on your own what each