Kandi, America’s Cheapest EV Startup, Accused of Faking Sales to Get $160M in US Investment

Chinese electric vehicle startup Kandi Technologies Group may be best known for building that wacky little car seen in Tiger King, or its announcement of the cheapest EV in America, the K27. However, according to new allegations by financial research firm Hindenburg Research, Kandi attracted a whopping $160 million in

Study Says Driver Assist Systems Are Making Us Less Safe, Not More

One step forward, two steps back? As electronic driver aids get more advanced, new research from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) and MIT’s AgeLab shows that drivers are more likely to engage with distractions; the thought process being something along the lines of “If my car will steer

See How The Ram 1500 Was Turned Into The Aznom Palladium Hyper Limo

Ram’s American utility merged with European grandeur? Sure, why not. One of the most unexpected debuts in 2020 so far has to be the Aznom Palladium. It’s a Rolls-Royce-fighting luxury sedan based on an American truck – a weird mix creating one of the world’s few “hyper-limousines” with a 5.7-liter

Jaguar Land Rover Sues to Ban VW Group's SUV Imports to America

Jaguar Land Rover is apparently very protective of its Terrain Response system, a patented technology that alters the behavior of its cars when driving on pavement, grass, gravel, snow, mud, sand, and rocks. The automaker is so protective, in fact, that it has laid down a challenge to several brands

Toyota Patent Shows Self-Driving Drone Tankers for Car-to-Car Recharging and Refueling

Being stuck on the side of the road has been a problem since cars were invented, and indeed it still happens today. Toyota seems to be especially tired of it, though, because we recently came across a patent that outlines a system by which an autonomous drone could be automatically

Subaru Forester Wallows Through Moose Test With Surprising Results

Stability control to the rescue. Yes, we know how bad the lead photo looks for this Subie-sized attempt at the moose test. The Forester isn’t a performance vehicle. It’s an SUV that sits rather tall, and though it does exhibit pleasant car-like characteristics behind the wheel, slamming through corners at

Alleged Porsche Macan EV Concept Model Accidentally Shown in Now-Retracted Photo

While parading a trio of unrealized concept cars in front of the world as part of the Porsche Unseen reveal, Porsche unintentionally shared a photo of a mysterious clay concept model for an upcoming crossover. Though Porsche has since retracted the image, the internet has irreversibly gotten its hands on

Honda Launching World’s First Production Car With 'Eyes-Off' Self-Driving Tech by Mid-2021

Honda has received regulatory approval from the Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport, and Tourism (MLIT) to begin selling vehicles equipped with Level 3 autonomous driving, the automaker announced on Wednesday. In a press release, Honda highlighted that it would begin the sale of the Honda Legend equipped with its

Rivian R1T and R1S Online Configurators Go Live Nov. 16: Report

After showing off prototypes of its electric R1T truck and R1S SUV at auto shows across the country, and even taking them on a journey from the southern tip of the American continent to California in the Long Way Up documentary, Rivian is reportedly launching the online configurators of its