What Ricciardo’s boots tell you about F1’s intensity

If you think that the march of technology in Formula 1 has been limited to just cars over recent years, think again. For it’s not just what the drivers sit in that has changed dramatically: the same is true for what they wear. Racing overalls, boots and gloves may well

The dramatic shift Honda needs for F1 2020

There has already been an extraordinary turnaround in Honda’s form since the early days of its hybrid V6 programme with McLaren, when continued poor performance and dire reliability led the Woking team to jump ship after three frustrating seasons. Red Bull saw some potential, and after a learning year with

Mercedes announces major INEOS partnership

Mercedes has announced a new major partnership with INEOS ahead of the 2020 Formula 1 season on a five-year deal. Mercedes linked up with INEOS through a new performance partnership in December, collaborating with the Tour de France-winning cycling team through its newly-created Mercedes-Benz Applied Science division. In an event

Brawn wants F1 to ditch ‘gin palace’ motorhomes

Formula 1 could get rid of its extravagant motorhomes at European races in the future, as part of its effort to make the sport carbon neutral. Last year, F1 announced plans to go carbon neutral by 2030 by reducing emissions of the cars as well as switching to more efficient

Why the French GP is a perfect pitstop for summer holidays

World-renowned gastronomy, excellent wines, an incredible range of activities for tourism… and all of this with charming sunny weather — as if you needed one more reason to attend the 2020 F1 French Grand Prix in June! “La Summer Race” is the perfect pretext for visiting one of France’s most

F1 details standard fuel-flow meter requirements for 2021

The FIA has launched an invitation to tender for a standard Formula 1 fuel-flow meter for 2021 as it continues to close possible loopholes in the wake of last season’s Ferrari controversy. The move to a standard fuel-flow meter was incorporated in the first set of 2021 technical regulations, which

Honda ‘quite happy’ with 2020 F1 engine progress

Red Bull Formula 1 team principal Christian Horner says engine partner Honda is “quite happy” with its winter progress as it looks to build on its breakthrough season. Honda became Red Bull’s engine supplier at the start of 2019, with Max Verstappen scoring the first win powered by the Japanese

Five key design points on the new Haas VF-20

The Haas F1 Team revealed what Formula 1 designers would call a “very beige” 2020 car on Thursday, which continues to feature many of the so-called ‘listed parts’ available via its technical collaboration with Ferrari. Below are five major areas in which changes have been made, as America’s only F1

Why F1 will struggle to reschedule the Chinese GP

In this lull before the buzz of new car launches and Barcelona testing the biggest story in Formula 1 concerns the Chinese GP. Will it take place or not? The sport has a ‘we never close’ tradition of making races happen whatever is occurring in the wider world. However, the

Why Brawn believes F1 2021’s risks are worth it

Thanks to a year of stability within Formula 1’s technical regulations, the 2020 season should be a closely-fought affair. While that might suggest leaving the rules alone would be better for F1’s spectacle, 2021’s overhaul addresses deeper-lying issues. It’s been said many times in Formula 1 that one of the