Grosjean: Split-screen can fix F1’s midfield TV coverage

Romain Grosjean reckons a split-screen option would be a “cool” fix to Formula 1’s problem of not showing enough battles while television coverage focuses on race leaders. F1’s TV direction has come under scrutiny from drivers, particularly McLaren’s Carlos Sainz, for favouring less exciting fights at the front of the

Abiteboul: 2019 ‘by far the most difficult season’ for me

Renault managing director Cyril Abiteboul says 2019 has been the most difficult season he has faced in Formula 1, but insists critics who say his team have “lost the plot” are wrong. The French car manufacturer headed in to the campaign hoping that signing Daniel Ricciardo and progress on the

Insight: The full story of why Verstappen switched F1 helmets

We visited Schuberth’s F1 helmet factory to speak with its bosses about new FIA standards, and discuss just how it came to land a deal with Max Verstappen for the 2019 season. If you think your job is monotonous, well, you’ve probably never worked in Formula 1 helmet production. Francesco,

Midpackers hurl accusations following F1 Japanese Grand Prix

Renault’s Nico Hulkenberg was receiving illegal braking assistance during the F1 Japanese Grand Prix, says one rival. Ah, those wacky Formula 1 midfielders are pointing fingers at each other again. Renault says it will take the two weeks ahead of the Mexican Grand Prix on Oct. 27 to prove that

Max Verstappen blames Charles Leclerc for lap one incident at F1 Japanese GP

Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc collided on the first lap of Sunday’s Japanese Grand Prix. F1 Red Bull Racing driver Max Verstappen put the blame for the turn two collision on the first lap of Sunday’s Formula 1 Japanese Grand Prix between Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc and himself squarely on the

Japanese GP: Bottas wins after terrible start for Ferrari

Valtteri Bottas’s took his first Formula 1 win since April to help Mercedes clinch a sixth consecutive constructors’ championship as a jump start and first-corner clash undermined Ferrari’s Japanese Grand Prix. Bottas launched from third to first on the run to the first corner, passing both Ferraris as Leclerc got

Three GPs earmarked for F1 qualifying race trials

Three races have emerged as possible venues for experiments with Formula 1 Saturday qualifying races in 2020, but only if all the teams agree that the idea can go ahead. A change to next year’s FIA Sporting Regulations at this stage requires unanimity, and understand that more than one

Raikkonen: F1’s wet-weather limitations ‘look ridiculous’

Kimi Raikkonen believes it looks “really ridiculous” when Formula 1 cars cannot run on wet tracks because it does not have to rain much for drivers to have “zero control”. Most F1 sessions take place in dry conditions and when it rains drivers tend to wait and run intermediate tyres

Steiner summoned by stewards for Russia outburst

Haas team principal Gunther Steiner has been summoned to see the stewards at the Japanese Grand Prix over his radio outburst after the last race in Russia. Steiner spoke out over team radio after being left angry about a five-second time penalty that driver Kevin Magnussen was given for failing