Race limits could be imposed on F1 team staff due to lengthy trips away

Williams’ head of vehicle performance Dave Robson says it is possible F1 staff members will have the number of races they attend limited in future. There are increasing fears of staff burnout with a record calendar of 23 races proposed in 2021, coupled with team personnel spending extended periods of

Jos Verstappen explains Red Bull pit-stop mix-up | Planet F1

Jos Verstappen has shed light on the pit-stop mix-up that cost his son Max a couple of seconds at an important stage of the Spanish Grand Prix. On lap 24, with Verstappen jnr leading the race but under pressure from Sir Lewis Hamilton, the Dutchman caught his Red Bull team

Brace Yourselves For This 50-Horsepower VW Polo Autobahn Run

It’s so underpowered you actually have to floor it 24/7. Launched in 1994, the third-generation Volkswagen Polo was an all-new model compared to its predecessor and was the first in the history of the model to be offered with five doors. A selection of naturally-aspirated gasoline engines was initially available,

Max Verstappen won't play mind games with Lewis Hamilton – Horner | Planet F1

Christian Horner says Max Verstappen “will do his talking on the track” rather than engage in verbal jousting with Lewis Hamilton. The seven-time World Champion recently alluded to “mistakes” Red Bull had been making in the early stages of their fight with Mercedes for the 2021 titles. Hamilton’s 3-1 margin

F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali working towards track limits 'solutions'

Stefano Domenicali says Formula 1 needs to find a “physical” solution to the track limits issue in the sport, rather than a technical one. F1’s chief executive says the FIA are working towards a plan to bring clarity to the controversial subject in the near future, as each of the

Lewis Hamilton not distracted by 'jealousy, envy, negativity'

Celebrating a huge milestone in Spain, Toto Wolff says Lewis Hamilton won’t let the naysayers with their “jealousy, envy and negativity” distracted him from the job at hand. Hamilton made Formula 1 history on Saturday at the Barcelona circuit, becoming the first driver to reach triple figures in pole positions.

Sebastian Vettel 'lacking pace in fight for points' at Aston Martin

Sebastian Vettel admits that he is “lacking a bit of pace” and that his Aston Martin needs more downforce to compete higher up the field. The team has had a disappointing start to the season, falling back in the standings after earning a pole position and a race win last

History Calls Juan Pablo Montoya Back For Another Shot at Indianapolis 500

As hard as it may seem to believe, Juan Pablo Montoya’s last start in an Indy car was in 2017 —63 races ago to be precise—not coincidentally also being his last start in the Indianapolis 500 as well (finished sixth). While many may have thought they’d never see the now

Pierre Gasly worried AlphaTauri are 'lacking pace' | Planet F1

Pierre Gasly is concerned AlphaTauri have “dropped back” compared to their main rivals after the promise they showed at the start of the year. AlphaTauri looked particularly strong in Bahrain, both in pre-season testing and the opening grand prix – something which applied to both Gasly and his rookie team-mate,

New Audi S3 Vs Old Audi RS3 Hot Hatch Drag Race Is Crazy Close

It all comes down to the launch. What does nine years of Audi evolution look like? Visually, there isn’t a tremendous distinction between the new S3 and old RS3 from 2012. Sure, the grille is much bigger on the latest Audi and there are plenty of styling cues to easily