U.S. Withholding F-35 From Turkey Could Give Russia The Chance It Needs To Export SU-57

I don’t think anyone would claim it came as a surprise, but nonetheless, the U.S. deciding to hold back NATO ally Turkey’s F-35 order and potentially curtailing its industrial involvement in the program is a major development. It’s also one that is nearly certain to push Turkey further into Moscow’s

Vehicle sales actually declined in September 2019

According to the latest figures provided by the Federation of Automobile Dealers Associations (FADA), vehicle sales declined in September 2019 despite festive discounts. New vehicle registrations fell by 12.9% in September 2019 compared to the same period last year. Passenger vehicle sales saw a decline of 20.1% from 1,97,653 units

Heroic Illinois State Trooper Sacrifices Own Life by Ramming Cruiser Into Car Driving the Wrong Way

An Illinois State Police (ISP) Trooper was killed in the line of duty early Saturday morning after intentionally taking a hit from a vehicle traveling the wrong way down the highway. Trooper Gerald Ellis, 36, was traveling westbound in his police cruiser on Interstate 94 past Libertyville at around 3:25

October 2019 week three fuel price – RON 97 up 1 sen

It’s Friday, which means another round of the weekly fuel update. Another price adjustment upwards in store for RON 97 petrol for the coming week, but the increase is minor. From tomorrow, October 19, RON 97 will be priced at RM2.68 a litre, which is a sen up from the

Aston Martin confirms DBX accessory packs

Go skiing? Do cycling? Have dog? Aston has DBX optional items for you… A lot is riding on the success of Aston’s upcoming DBX. From a seemingly strong position just a few years ago, and despite a product range as good as any it’s had previously, things now seem eminently

Quick Jack: The Safer and Faster Alternative to a Floor Jack

Have you ever wished there was a Goldilocks-esque middle ground between the humble floor jack and the highfalutin two- or four-post lift? So did we. If you’re working in your home garage or driveway, a floor jack and a couple of jack stands typically suffice. Well, actually, they used to

Now, Exide launches an electric rickshaw!

Exide, which is known for its automotive batteries has entered the electric 3-wheeler segment. The company’s first e-rickshaw is called the Exide Neo. The Exide Neo will initially be available in select markets in India. The e-rickshaw will be sold through the company’s dealer network. Exide has also set up

Lyft IPO Debuts Today, Value for Ride-Hailing Company With $1B Losses Set at $24B

Lyft is officially the first ride-hailing company to launch an initial public offering (IPO). At the launch of the IPO Thursday, Lyft raised $2.34 billion with a company valuation of $24 billion, according to Reuters. Lyft stock began trading publicly Friday. Lyft’s valuation reportedly exceeded investor expectations. It works out

Singapore's Ryde carpool app launches in Malaysia – Klang Valley, no commission, drivers keep 100% fares

Ever wondered how much less congested our roads would be if everyone heading from the same area, to the same destination shared cars? It has probably crossed your mind before while you were stuck in the rush hour jam, looking at all the other single occupant cars around. Of course,