Tesla Driver Crashes Car, It Catches Fire, He Gets Arrested: Video

It’s never wise to drink and drive. The Tesla owner’s day turned sour in a flash. After reportedly consuming some alcohol, the Tesla owner got behind the wheel of his car and proceeded to drive some distance (presumably headed home). Things didn’t go as planned (as they often don’t if

Tesla's Demand Problem Explored: Facts, Not Agendas

What the real story with Tesla’s demand problem? Our good friend Sean Mitchell has been on a bit of a hiatus from YouTube as of late. Following his exciting and information-packed trip to the Detroit area, he had to shift his focus to his day job in real estate, which

Formula E: Andre Lotterer Joins Porsche For 2019-20 Season

All set to make its Formula E entry soon, Porsche has signed on Andre Lotterer as its second driver for the FIA Formula 2019-20 season. While the German driver was contracted to drive with DS Cheetah for the sixth season as well, he has now chosen to race with Porsche

This Record-Setting Tesla Model S Has 900,000 Kilometers On Odometer

And the 1,000,000 km mark will likely be reached later this year. Hansjörg Gemmingen, known in the EV world for setting the mileage record for the first-generation Tesla Roadster (620,000 km / 385,251 miles), just set another milestone, but this time in a Tesla Model S. Gemmingen has already covered 900,000

Spectacular Crash Caught By Tesla Model 3 Dashcam In Germany: Video

Dashcam again captures a rather spectacular wreck, this time in Germany. The car is surely severely damaged, but luckily the driver is okay. We’ve seen no shortage of Teslacam videos capturing wrecks here in the U.S., but now with the Model 3 arrival en masse in Europe, similar videos are

Cars Forced To Make Way For The Two-Wheel Revolution In Paris

With the wind rushing through their hair, they zip past on bikes, electric scooters and mono-wheels, effortlessly passing lines of hot-and-bothered drivers stuck in the endless Paris traffic. In the French capital, the new mobility revolution has caught on fast, with locals and tourists embracing the growing array of app-based

Take A Trip To Norway, It's The Global Leader In The EV Revolution

As EV adoption grows, we can learn from Norway When it comes to the EV revolution, Norway continues to be a model for the world. The cold country has, ironically, become a hotspot for those in the Tesla community. According to Brett Berke in Wired, “Norway has the world’s highest purchase rates of electric vehicles… This

Upcoming Electric Two-Wheelers Which Will Be Launched By 2020

From India’s first electric sportbike, first artificial-intelligence enabled electric motorcycle to some stylish looking electric scooters, the two-wheeler industry is set to witness a long list of electric vehicles which will hit the market by 2020. In fact, mainstream manufacturers like Bajaj Auto, TVS Motor Company and Hero MotoCorp are

Elon Musk Says Some Of Tesla's Top Engineers Grew Up Gaming

Video games were at least part of the reason Elon Musk got interested in tech. Have you got a kid who wants to play video games 24/7, and doesn’t seem interested in anything else? Don’t despair just yet. This obsession might not be as unhealthy as you think – in