Tesla To Recall 3,183 Model X Vehicles In China: Report

Tesla Inc will recall 3,183 Model X vehicles in China, because of a potential issue that could make steering harder and increase the risk of a crash, according to the country’s market regulator. Tesla will recall the sport-utility vehicles made in 2016 from June, according to a statement from the

Tesla Model Y: A Comprehensive 2020 Guide In Video Form

The Tesla Model Y is coming soon, so it’s high time to revisit everything you need to know. Based on information from Tesla, which was shared via the company’s recent Q4 2019 Earnings report and conference call, the Model Y should arrive before the end of Q1 2020. That’s just

Sandy Munro Says Tesla Should Import Model 3 To U.S. From China

Would U.S. customers care? Especially since the build quality is better? Sandy Munro of Munro & Associates said he thinks Tesla should consider importing Model 3s to the US and other countries from China because Tesla would make more money if they did so. Munro was speaking to Alex Guberman

What Is Tesla Planning To Manufacture In Canada?

The company is hiring manufacturing specialists for Richmond Hill, possibly related to the Model Y. When Elon Musk asked his followers what they thought about a Giga Texas, people got excited about the possibility of a new factory for Tesla. Anyway, it is in Richmond Hill, Ontario, that the company

Yamaha Motor Starts Accepting Orders For High-performance Electric Motor Prototype

Yamaha Motor Company has announced that it has begun accepting orders for a high-performance electric motor prototype that is capable of producing high power density for automobiles and other types of vehicles. The compact unit generates up to 268 bhp in output thanks to a high-efficiency segment conductor and advanced

Revisited: The $28,000 Tesla With a 440-Mile Range?

What if we could eat our cake and have it, too? “Tesla was not founded to make expensive cars or to make luxury or high performance cars.  This is a misconception that comes up all the time.  It’s perhaps understandable based on the cars that we’ve built to date.  But

Are Others Finally Catching Up With The Tesla Supercharger Network?

The Tesla Supercharger network has proven advantageous for Tesla, but other networks are growing more rapidly now. Range anxiety and the lack of adequate charging infrastructure is something that has plagued the EV segment since the beginning. Tesla has had an edge for some time due to its exclusive and proprietary

Tesla Model 3 Range Is Actually Higher Than The EPA Says

But the Tesla Model Y is more efficient than the Tesla Model 3. The recently announced EPA range rating for the upcoming 2020 Tesla Model Y Performance (Long Range and All-Wheel Drive) version of 315 miles (506.8 km) surprised many of us, as it’s actually about 16 miles (25.7 km)

White Tesla Model 3 With White Interior Spotted In Public

This is the first Model Y we’ve seen with the white interior. White on white suits it well. Several images of a Tesla Model Y with white seats recently popped up on Reddit on the r/TeslaMotors subreddit. The vehicle is reportedly a Model Y Performance and was spotted in a parking