Can Tesla Increase Sales In The Japanese Market?

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Rich Rebuilds Gives Advice On Buying A Used Tesla In 2021

With ongoing supply chain shortages making it harder and harder to get your hands on a new car, many are turning to the used market. In particular, the used Tesla market has exploded recently. Some pre-owned Model Ys are now selling for $15,000 more than what they cost new, meanwhile

The Tesla Model S Plaid Has Ruined Everything, But That's Ok

You may not be familiar with the RacerX YouTube channel. We can honestly say we weren’t. This is likely because the channel doesn’t yet have a reputation for covering a lot of EVs. Nonetheless, it appears the Tesla Model S Plaid has gotten RacerX’s attention, and for good reason. In

Tesla Autopilot Will Now Detect Emergency Lights, but Only at Night

A few weeks after the NHTSA launched an investigation into Tesla crashes into emergency vehicles, the automaker says that its Autopilot driver assist system can now detect emergency lights and slow down the vehicle. But only at night. The updated functionality was rolled out quite unexpectedly and was not announced