Electric Pickup Trucks: Tesla Model B, Rivian R1T Top This Week's News

From the Tesla Model B to the Rivian R1T, here’s this week’s top truck news. Electric pickup trucks are a super hot segment these days with the Tesla Truck, Rivian R1T, Atlis XT pickup Ford F-150 and now even a Fisker pickup leading the charge. Let’s check out some news highlights

Esteemed Tesla Battery Researcher Jeff Dahn Talks About The Future

Can we get battery cell cost to less than $100 per kWh? There arguably isn’t a bigger name in battery tech and battery research than Professor Jeff Dahn. And, who better to interview him and ask all the right questions than Sean Mitchell? On one of his recent adventures, Mitchell

Tesla Model X Prepared To Tackle "World's Toughest" Towing Test

Is the Model X capable of a nearly impossible towing demonstration? A concept of the upcoming Ford F-150 all-electric pickup truck just made waves when it was shown towing over 1 million pounds. It’s important to note that the pull was on rails, which is not representative of real-world driving.

Insider Gives Some Battery Charging Tips For The Tesla Model 3

But which are trustworthy and which are not? It is always better to check the total capacity of the Tesla Model 3 battery pack in percentage than in miles. You should always park it overnight with a 90% charge, at least. These are some of the tips the EVlectric YouTube

Tesla Model 3 Cameras Catch Crash, Prove Car's Agility

Hopefully, Tesla’s innovation helps solve problems and pushes other automakers to offer dashcams. There are plenty of reasons we share these videos and give Tesla credit for its TeslaCam and Sentry Mode features. First of all, we think the tech is fantastic and we hope other automakers will move forward in

More On Tesla's Innovative New Wiring Architecture

Nothing wrong with quicker and less expensive manufacturing processes. When it comes to cool, exciting car stuff, wiring harnesses are not usually the first things that come to mind. However, wiring represents one of the most important components in modern vehicles – not only in terms of how the vehicles

Odd Land Rover Back Packer Rendering Is A Modular, Electric Off-Roader

Different packs in the rear would offer a variety of equipment for specific types of adventures. Designer Edwin Senger has imagined the futuristic Land Rover Back Packer concept as a modular vehicle capable of taking people anywhere. He specifically takes inspiration for the Series I Land Rover but adapts the basic

New Tesla Model S Raven VBOX Acceleration Tests: Video

Is it really faster from zero-to-60 mph, 1/8 mile, 1/4 mile? Not long ago, Tesla surprised us with an update to its flagship Model S and Model X vehicles. Essentially, the design team borrowed a motor configuration concept from the Model 3 to make the cars more efficient and quicker.

Tesla Model 3 Orders In Germany Stable At Over 700 In July

Official data hints at stable demand for the Tesla Model 3 in Germany, although sales are actually irregular, with peaks at the end of quarters Demand for the Tesla Model 3 in Germany seems to stabilize at over 700 per month, basedsing on the number of subsidy applications to the

Panasonic Increased Battery Sales In Q2, But Sells Them At A Loss

Panasonic sells more lithium-ion batteries as production at the Tesla Gigafactory “significantly increased.” Panasonic recently released financial results for the second quarter of 2019 revealing that overall sales decreased 6% year-over-year, which also has affected net profits (down 13% year-over-year). Our focus is on the Automotive category, which includes lithium-ion