Tesla May Dial Up Giga Shanghai Production Amid Huge Demand

Now that Tesla has dropped its prices in multiple global markets, including China and the US, it’s reportedly seeing massive demand. Based on information from a new report shared by Electrek, the EV maker has plans to dial up production in China to around 20,000 units per week. Tesla’s Giga

Tesla Supercharging Network: Almost 400 Stations Added In Q4 2022

During the fourth quarter of 2022, Tesla significantly accelerated the expansion rate of its Supercharging network around the world. The number of new stations amounted to 395 (78 percent more than a year ago), which is the new quarterly record (the previous one was 383 stations in Q4 2020). The

Tesla To Announce $3.5B Nevada Plant For The Semi Today: Governor

For a long time, it was assumed that Tesla Semi production would eventually move to the Giga Texas plant after low-volume manufacturing began in late 2022 at a private site near its Gigafactory Nevada facility. Now, it looks like Tesla has different plans as an official announcement about the opening

Tesla Staged 2016 Self-Driving Demo Video, Senior Engineer Testifies

Tesla’s director of Autopilot Software testified in court last year that a 2016 video used by the automaker to promote its self-driving tech was staged. Ashok Elluswamy said the video was staged to show capabilities like stopping at a red light and accelerating at a green light that the system

Report: Tesla EV Sales In China Surged After Price Cuts

In theory, lower prices should boost sales and this is probably what is happening right now with Tesla electric cars. According to Reuters, Tesla’s retail sales surged in the first part of January, after the company cut its prices by 5.7-13.5 percent in an attempt to sell more cars. We

Tesla Design Boss Says Yoke "Makes A Lot Of Sense" For Cybertruck

The Tesla Cybertruck may enter production with a steering yoke instead of a conventional steering wheel, the company’s chief designer Franz von Holzhausen said in a recent interview. The Cybertruck has been in development for several years, and recent prototypes have been spotted with yoke steering following the introduction of

Tesla Price Cuts Due In Part To "Partial Normalisation Of Cost Inflation"

As you’ve likely already heard, Tesla dropped its prices across its entire lineup, and while they’re all notable reductions, some are huge. It seems the company is trying to boost the demand for its vehicles, and it’s happening in various global markets. However, a spokesperson has provided another reason for

Tesla Begins Plaid Test Drives In Europe

Tesla has started offering test drives with the Plaid variants of its Model S and Model X in Europe, two months after the American brand began deliveries to the Old Continent. The news was posted in an Instagram Story on Tesla’s official account, where the EV maker included a link

Tesla Semi Spacious, Driver-Focused Cabin: Deep Dive With Videos

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Tesla Semi Efficiency Is Unreal, Twice As Thrify As Ford F-150

According to detailed calculations by Jon Stewart (Cleanerwatt), the all-new Tesla Semi is twice as efficient as the Ford F-150 pickup truck. Keep in mind, a Class 8 semi-truck weighs in at four to five times that of a gas- or diesel-powered F-150. Tesla is known for producing some of