New Tesla Model Y Owner Shows Redesigned, Improved Center Console

Funny how a redesigned center console is such big news, but it’s what Tesla fans want to see. Canadian Tesla-centric YouTuber Tesla Canuck just took delivery of his brand new Tesla Model Y, and after going over it thoroughly, he only found a single small defect. But we’re not here

Watch This: Tesla Uses Car Farts To Recruit New Employees

Tesla posted a behind-the-scenes video on LinkedIn promoting Tesla careers. Tesla isn’t your average automaker. The company likes doing things in untraditional ways and enjoys disrupting the industry. This also seems to be the case with how they recruit employees. The video isn’t just about Teslas farting, you watch employees

Watch Woman Chase "Runaway" Tesla: Turns Out It Was Just Summoned

Until Tesla Smart Summon becomes popular, we might see such scenes more often. Tesla Smart Summon, a software feature that allows one to summon a Tesla car to the driver in a parking lot, caused an unexpected event. A woman, from another car, saw the summoned Tesla Model 3 moving

Revised Tesla Model S Plaid Spotted In Traffic

It was a white example, with blacked out trim, de-badged, but we’re pretty sure it was a Plaid model. One of our readers, Nick Mercadante, recently saw the revised Tesla Model S Plaid on a highway in California. The photos are much clearer than some we previously posted of the

Check Out Refreshed Tesla Model S' Huge New Side Cameras

Is Tesla going to start updating some Full Self-Driving Beta hardware? The first refreshed Tesla Model S was spotted in the wild. The vehicle was seen in Carmel California. This is an important development since people still know very little about Tesla’s updated flagship car, aside from its performance specs.

Hyperion's Crazy XP-1 Hypercar Looks Even Stranger On Streets Of LA

More public appearances for the hydrogen-powered hypercar. Just last month, the Hyperion XP-1 hypercar made a surprise visit to Las Vegas, giving Sin City’s residents and tourists a glimpse of emissions-free motoring wrapped in wild packaging. Now, the Hyperion XP-1 went around the City of Angels, specifically under the bright

Tesla Robo-Taxis Will Destroy The Used Car Market

Dr. Know-It-All responds to my previous email. A couple of weeks ago I sent an email to John Gibbs, host of a new favorite YouTube program Dr. Know-It-All, commenting on a YouTube video that he posted. He had some thoughts about robo-taxis becoming the future predominant way for many of

Ford Will Sell Only Electric Passenger Cars In Europe From 2030

Commercial vehicles will be either plug-in hybrids or EVs by then. Ford is intensifying its electrification efforts in Europe where it plans to discontinue the combustion engine from its passenger car lineup in the next nine years. Yes, the Blue Oval will only sell zero-emissions cars from 2030, meaning traditional

Refreshed Tesla Model X Deliveries Already Underway?

Along with refreshed Model S deliveries, it seems. It was only two months ago that Tesla shut down their Model S and X production in order to prepare for the refreshed versions of both models. Now, the company says deliveries have started (or will very soon) for those who preordered