Ken Block Impressed By Mustang Mach-E, First EV He's Ever Driven

The Stig makes a special appearance. Stunt driver Ken Block and Ford have teamed up yet again to promote the new Mustang Mach-E, but sadly, we’ll have to wait some more to see him hoon the fully electric SUV. The man behind the action-packed Gymkhana series is in some good

Tata Nexon EV Official Unveiling Date Announced

Tata Motors has postponed the unveiling of its first electric SUV, the Tata Nexon EV, to December 19, 2019. Initially, the fully electric Tata Nexon was slated to make its global debut in India on December 17. While the company hasn’t revealed the reason for the rescheduling, we are glad

Grab Some Cardboard And Make Your Own Tesla Cybertruck

If you follow this tutorial, yours will have four motors instead of only three. A lot of people bashed the Tesla Cybertruck by saying it looked like a cardboard box. Instead of taking that in a bad way, the guys from the DIY Ocean YouTube channel decided to make it

Tesla CEO Musk, Grimes & Friends Spotted Out Driving Tesla Cybertruck

Tesla Cybertruck is Musk’s favorite vehicle, so it makes sense he takes it on this rendezvous. How would you like to head to dinner at one of the nation’s finest and most expensive restaurants? Even better, get a ride there in the Tesla Cybertruck! How about having Tesla CEO Elon

Global Electric Vehicle Market To Clock 24.6 Million Units By 2026

Electric Vehicles (EV) are making all the hype these days and we’re gradually seeing more and more of them, not only overseas, but also in the domestic market. In India, Hyundai has recently launched the Kona EV, MG is all set to launch the ZS EV early next month. Globally

Electric Ford Pickup Will Require Much Larger Battery Than Cybertruck

It all comes down to efficiency and that’s where Tesla wins. ARK Invest has done some interesting analysis on the Tesla Cybertruck recently. It says the pickup truck attracted attention in places where the Model 3 didn’t. We got in touch, and we were still waiting for answers when they

Tesla Delays Launch Of Base Cybertruck, Speeds Up Tri-Motor Version

The cheapest version has been pushed back, while the most expensive variant gets moved forward. As expected, Tesla has delayed the cheapest version of the Cybertruck, while at the same time moving forward the launch of the most expensive version. This has become quite common with Tesla launches, so we’re

Tesla Cybertruck Size Concerns: Will You Have To Build A New Garage?

Or will it fit in a typical garage? Tesla CEO Elon Musk indirectly hinted early on that the Cybertruck would make today’s trucks like the Ram seem puny. However, initial glances during the electric truck’s debut — especially for those watching online — didn’t necessarily expose that the truck is actually quite

Western, Chinese Consumers Divided On Electric, Self-Driving Cars: Survey

Automakers, ride-hailing and technology companies plowing money into the development of electric, self-driving and shared car services will find more enthusiastic consumers in China than in Europe and the United States, a survey on Thursday showed. Consumers in some Western countries appear unconvinced as automakers overhaul their factories and supply chains