Hummer Revival As Electric SUV Could Actually Happen

Would you consider buying an electric Hummer in the future? The Hummer brand has been defunct for almost 10 years now, but reports about its revival continue to surface. The most recent ones, however, may need future Hummer buyers to find charging stations instead of fuel pumps. In an exclusive

Overload Of Pre-Production Tesla Model Y Crossover Sightings: Images

With plans to start producing the car in the near future, real-world testing is in order. The floodgates have opened already and the Tesla Model Y is not even available yet. This makes sense since the car has already been unveiled and there are not many secrets. We’ve witnessed much

Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus Gets More Range At Higher Price

Tesla tweaked prices and some specs for the Model 3. This week, Tesla decided to tweak its U.S. Tesla Model 3 offer a little bit, which includes a price increase for two out of three versions listed in the online configurator: First of all, the top of the line Performance version

See A Man Enter A Model 3 To Drive It And Fly Out of The Window

The owner was sleeping in the back seat. It was tough to determine where this video really fit. It is so weird you’ll laugh at it. Hence it could be in our humor category. But you’ll laugh nervously, so it is pretty weird. You’ll understand our drama when you watch

Kinetic Safar Star Electric Three-Wheeler Launched For Last Mile Deliveries, Priced At &#8377 2.2 Lakh

Kinetic Green Energy has announced the launch of a new electric vehicle ‘Kinetic Safar Star’ for the last mile deliveries and marked its entry into the mid-speed vehicle segment. Equipped with a payload capacity of up to 400 kg, the new electric three-wheeler is said to have been built with

Volvo XC40 Electric Shows New Android-Powered Infotainment

It will be improved post-purchase through over-the-air updates. In what is turning out to be an unprecedentedly long teaser campaign for a new Volvo, the electric XC40 is back in a new episode showing some of the technology you’ll find in the first EV from the Swedish brand. As part

UPDATE: Tesla Pickup Truck: Everything We Know: Price, Range, Reveal Date

The million-mile electric pickup truck? The pieces of the Tesla truck puzzle are falling into place, so let’s have a look at what’s known. Outside of perhaps the Tesla Model Y, the electric pickup truck from Tesla is surely the automaker’s most anticipated upcoming electric vehicle. UPDATE 2: This post

All-New Tesla Roadster: Everything We Know – Price, Range, Specs & More

Following the reveal of the Tesla Semi way back in November 2017, Elon Musk, in typical Tesla fashion, pulled out a huge surprise: the all-new Roadster. Yes, the Tesla Roadster is coming back, and we should see it on the road sometime next year. The performance of the new Roadster will blow your

Tesla Model S Plaid Powertrain: Everything We Know

We don’t know everything about the Model S Plaid powertrain, but we know enough to make some detailed observations. Introduction Tesla hasn’t told us the specifications for the Tesla Model S Plaid. Essentially, all we know is that it will have three motors, much like the upcoming Tesla Roadster 2.0.