Analyst Upgrades Tesla's Stock On "Strong Competitive Advantage"

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Tesla Model S Plaid: Detailed Paint Quality Analysis

Our good friend Kyle Conner from the Out of Spec network just bought a brand-new Tesla Model S Plaid. Being that it’s one of Tesla’s most expensive models, one might assume the paint job is top quality, though Tesla has been under scrutiny for its paint quality for many years.

Tesla's Retractable Door Handles Leave Road Rage Aggressor Baffled

Tesla’s retractable door handles have often been in the news for all the wrong reasons ever since the automaker decided to adopt this system on the original Model S in 2012. While the company has solved many of the system’s teething issues, the door handles still have sizable dedicated threads

Tesla Fremont Factory Produces More Than 1 Car Per Minute

Tesla’s first and primary production site in Fremont, California recently produced a record number of cars in a single day, according to an email reportedly sent by Tesla CEO Elon Musk employees. The exact number has not been announced, but it’s speculated that Tesla potentially produced about 1,500 electric cars. Meanwhile,

NHTSA Expands Tesla Autopilot-Related Investigation To 830K Cars

According to a recent article by Automotive News, the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has upgraded its probe into Tesla’s Autopilot driver-assist technology. Moreover, the investigation has been expanded to reach some 830,000 Tesla cars and SUVs. Back in August 2021, NHTSA opened the original probe into Tesla’s

Tesla Model Y Giga Texas Versions: Build Quality Check & Key Details

Tesla Model S owner Wes – who runs the It’s Electric YouTube channel and covers various EVs – was fortunate to spot many Model Y crossovers at Tesla’s Giga Texas. This provided him with a welcome opportunity to get some footage of the EVs and share details about their overall build

Elon Musk Chimes In Amid Leaked Email Reports About Tesla's Job Cuts

Last week, Reuters published an article stating that it had gained access to a leaked email from Tesla CEO Elon Musk to employees. The article says the email notes Musk’s “super bad feeling” about the economy, and his requests for the Tesla team to freeze hiring and cut about 10

Elon Musk Is Apparently Done Allowing Tesla Execs To Work Remotely

Many people around the world seem to have become quite content with working from home, and many companies are still allowing it. Not long ago, Tesla CEO Elon Musk mentioned that Twitter should offer its headquarters as a homeless shelter since he says no one actually goes to the office

Tesla Full Self-Driving Beta Version 10.12 Shows Significant Progress

Tesla is touting version 10.12 of its Full Self-Driving software as being significant because it brings a whole host of improvements and new features. The big thing with this update seems to be the boost in confidence that Tesla has given it, as well “reduced traffic control related false slowdowns,”

Tesla's Service Manuals Now Free Of Charge, Grab Them While You Can

Tesla’s service manuals, which used to cost $3,187 a year or $371.88 a month since August 2021, are now free of charge for the entire vehicle lineup.  A look at the Service Subscriptions category on the automaker’s website reveals that the “Service and Repair Information” subscription package is listed with