Porsche Taycan 4S launched with 288-mile range

530hp 4S starts from £83,367 and slots in below ‘Turbo’ variants, sacrificing power for range Porsche might have convinced us that it presently builds the best driver’s EV in the shape of its new Taycan, but the £116k Turbo and £139k Turbo S do little to challenge the value for

Ferrari Daytona Getting Modern Makeover Is A Controversial Creation

Can such a timeless design be faithfully recreated for the modern era? Okay friends, it’s time for another retro redesign from TheSketchMonkey on YouTube and there’s no easy way to step into this feature. On the digital canvas for this round is the Ferrari Daytona, and frankly, we have mad

Street-Spotted: Lamborghini Espada Series III

This Series III Espada hails from sometime between 1975 and 1978. It seems that for every 500 Lamborghini Gallardos — we saw one just this afternoon in a Lowe’s parking lot picking up building supplies — we see one Espada. That ratio seems about right. And it’s almost always at

New Little Guy MicroMax Trailer Can't Get Any Smaller

If it fits, it ships. With a name like Little Guy Trailers, you set yourself up for some strict scrutiny. How “little” is “Little?” someone would scoff, arms folded across the chest. As if prepared for such doubtfulness, all Little Guy would have to do is direct the skeptic to

Amazing Pop-Up Trailer More Than Doubles In Size When Opened

The compact design hides a ton of neat features. Travel trailers come in all sorts of sizes, shapes, and price ranges. They can be small, compact offerings for two or large homes on wheels with enough beds for the entire McCallister family. You often tow them behind a pickup truck

nuCamp 2020 TAB 320 Teardrop Trailer Gets First Major Update

Small but smart tweaks. Just like with most of the car models on the market, some products in the RV sector are also getting new versions when a new model year is approaching. Case in point, nuCamp’s TAB 320 teardrop trailer has been revised for the 2020 model year and

Why Wouldn't You Want This 2006 Maserati MC12 GT1 Car?

Think ‘Maserati’ and the sleek, elegant lines of a Quattroporte might come to mind. Or perhaps the GranTurismo model, which refined the best parts of a coupe and provided a more spacious and luxurious rival for the BMW 6-series. Maserati has cracked the code for style, comfort and elegance. However,

Our Top 10 Faves From the 2019 Hampton Court Concours of Elegance

After bouncing around for a bit at varying locations—all of them most properly connected to Her Majesty the Queen, mind you—the Concours of Elegance seems to have settled into the Concours of Elegance at Hampton Court Palace, Richmond upon Thames, London for the 2019 Hampton Court Concours. Which isn’t a

Mini turns 60: Britain's small car that became a big hit

It was 60 years ago this week that the first Mini debuted, launching a small car revolution in the U.K. that managed to become one of the country’s calling cards when it came to automotive style. The brainchild of Sir Alec Issigonis, the creation of the Mini was prompted by