The Volkswagen Jetta III Was Built to Capitalize on America's Sedan Boom

SUVs and pickups might have America’s heart these days, but back in the Nineties, sedans were all the range. The most popular passenger vehicle in America was a sedan, not an F-150. Volkswagen knew how important having a strong sedan in its lineup was—its best-selling car was the Jetta, after

This Car Was the McLaren F1's Older, Lighter Sibling

Gordon Murray is most famous for designing the Mclaren F1, but it wasn’t the only car he made. Before he got to creating the masterpiece that would define his career, he built this car, the Rocket. The Rocket was built by the Light Car Company, the brain child of Murray

This Hotel Built a Life-Size Pierce Arrow Race Car out of Gingerbread

Some people make gingerbread houses for the holidays. Others use gingerbread to build life-size replicas of classic race cars. We’re not saying one activity is better than the other… but we’re also not not saying it. When it comes to having that festive spirit, the Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs

Boxy but good: A book about Volvo wagons is here for those cold winter days

This tome traces the history of the Volvo wagon, from the early models to the current crop of longroofs. It’s easy to take Volvo station wagons for granted, given the various models’ status as the “boxy but good” suburban longroofs, whose dominance arguably peaked when the 240, 850 and 940 wagons

Time warp: The final-generation Saab 9-5 entered production 10 years ago

The first preseries Saab 9-5 sedans rolled off the assembly line at the end of November 2009. Saab was already on shaky ground when the replacement for the penultimate 9-5 sedan finally entered production, after its immediate predecessor spent 12 years on the assembly line—an impressive run even for a

2020 Ford Transit AWD Gets First Camper Van Build From VanDOit

A modular system allows this van to work through the week and party on weekends. Ford has an all-wheel-drive Transit for the 2020 model year, and that’s good news for the #vanlife crowd who enjoys straying off the beaten path. Its full-time AWD setup isn’t as robust as a traditional

Here's Your Chance To Own A Very Rare, Very Orange Shelby Mustang GT-C

You’re very unlikely to see a fifth-generation Ford Mustang of any sort on UK roads. Unlike the current version of the Pony Car, it wasn’t ever sold here officially, and was produced in left-hand drive only. To see something like this particular ‘Stant rolling around British streets, then, is a

‘Furious 7’ fans, here's your chance: The Dodge Charger Maximus is coming up for auction

The sheetmetal work on this Charger is incredible. The auction listing claims there are over 16,000 hours of metalwork invested in this Charger. If you saw that bare-steel Dodge Charger in Furious 7 and thought you just had to have it, well, here’s your chance. The 1968 Dodge Charger used in the film’s

Mercedes ArtVenture Celebrates 35 Years Of Marco Polo Campers

Where’s the beige? Converting mainstream automobiles into campers isn’t a new trend. Companies have been turning vans, trucks, and SUVs into weekend getaway machines for years. Mercedes camper conversions began 35 years ago with the Marco Polo, based initially on the Mercedes 209 D that was then referred to as

1986: Win a 911, XJ-6, 300ZX Turbo, 740 Turbo or Corvette from Löwenbräu

Anything over 55 mph was illegal in 1986 America, so 0-50 acceleration numbers were commonplace. Löwenbräu was Michelob’s main competitor for somewhat-upscale, European-influenced suds in the mid-1980s American beer marketplace, and what did Löwenbräu’s marketing wizards choose as their strongest beat-Michelob strategy in 1986? Yes, a sweepstakes offering the winner