The Ray Evernham Collection Has Something for Everyone

Auctions are often a great way to measure how your collection can perform on the open market: You see a car similar to yours and you count your invisible money. Auctions are also a quick way to thin your collection and make space for more toys in your toy box.

This Manual Lamborghini Gallardo Balboni Is Rare, RWD And Resplendent

When Valentino Balboni retired, his employer decided to give him something a little more interesting than the usual watch and/or envelope stuffed full of garden centre gift vouchers. The thing is, Balboni’s employer was a certain Italian firm called Lamborghini, and his job was testing supercars. Something he’d done for

8 Used Cars We Spotted This Month – An S15 Convertible, A Bargain 'Holden' And More

Car Throttle contributor Lewis Kingston is a used car expert who spends an unhealthy amount of time trawling through car adverts and auctions listings. Here are the cars that caught his eye this month… 1. 2006 Vauxhall Monaro Looking to tick that naturally aspirated V8 ownership box before such things

An Old Volvo Is The Best Way To Spend £1000, And I've Proven It

Oakley Wheelwright is a serial shitbox buyer and the current owner of Miles, CT’s now-legendary 400,000+ mile Skoda Octavia There are innumerable ways to spend a thousand pounds. You could treat yourself to a new OLED TV, or maybe finally sort that leaky patch on the roof. Either of these

I Bought The Ultimate Wedding Present: A High-Mileage, eBay Van

My friend Gareth and I are very similar in very many ways – we like cars, motorbikes, eating, DIY and generally being obnoxious. We also love vans. So when Gareth and his now-wife Aurelie announced the date of their wedding (November ‘21 in rural France), I thought ‘screw it, go

Get Ready to Boogie-Oogie-Oogie-Oogie With the 2001 Toyota Prius

While it was introduced in Japan in late 1997, the Toyota Prius made it to our shores for the 2001 model year. At that time, most Americans thought of cars with even partial electric powertrains as unfit-for-the-real-world novelties, but here was a hybrid-electric machine that ran on dinosaur juice, never

Hyundai\u2019s Electric Restomod Grandeur Is Shocking

Converting your vintage machine to electric motion is starting to gain steam. At least that’s how the trends looked at the recent SEMA show. Automakers themselves have turned toward older models to show off the versatility of EV powertrains, as with the Ford Eluminator shown at SEMA. Hyundai has even