The Landmark BMW i8 Is Now Yours For Just £35k

We love a bargain here at CT. You’ll already know that if you’ve seen the videos of Alex’s long line of dubious dailies on YouTube, but if you’ve got a bit more money than him to spend, we’ve got an absolutely dreamy sports car deal for you. While Alex may

Game-Changing 1970s Japanese Camera Shoots Japanese Engines

The Canon AE-1 was a revolutionary piece of design, a sturdy single-lens reflex 35mm camera that stuffed futuristic electronic controls into an affordable package, and it shook up the photography world of 1976 just as powerfully as the Ricohflex did two decades earlier. My parents bought an AE-1 new in

Yamaha OX99-11: A Forgotten Supercar You Should Remember

Diversification, thy name is Yamaha. Over the course of the Yamaha Motor Company’s 65-year history, none have matched the Japanese manufacturer’s absurdly extensive range of motorcycles, boats, scooters, UTVs, ATVs, golf karts, generators, snow mobiles, and even swimming pools. This is to say nothing of the Yamaha Corporation that split

Loaded 1987 Toyota Camry Wagon Is Junkyard Treasure

The Toyota Camry first appeared on our shores in the spring of 1983, shoving aside the venerable-but-cramped Corona. Sales of the quirky-looking first-generation Camry continued through 1986 and were respectable enough but not overwhelming. The bigger, smoother-looking 1987-1991 second-generation Camry, however, struck terror into the hearts of American car-industry executives.

Rare Rolls-Royce Silver Seraph Heads to Auction

Two decades after Bentley and Rolls-Royce twins were adopted and split up, leaving with their respective stern German parents for new homes, it’s becoming a little difficult to process that not long ago the automakers essentially offered the same cars. But in the 1990s this had been the status quo

What Was the Final US-Market Car with a Four-Speed Transmission?

The first truly successful automatic transmission had four forward speeds and could be purchased in new 1940 Oldsmobiles. For decade after decade, though, most two-pedal cars sold here had either two or three speeds; only in the early 1980s did the overdrive-equipped four-speed automatic become commonplace on American roads. The

Make It Rain: This Custom Camper Van Packs A Massive Shower Inside

Space is a hot commodity in a camper van. Compromise is a keyword in the camper-van community. Space is a hot commodity in the limited floor space, forcing customers and builders to make some difficult decisions. Often that means cutting the bathroom down to just the essentials and cramming it

1994 Plymouth Voyager With Manual Transmission Is Junkyard Treasure

When I scour car graveyards for interesting facets of automotive history, I’m always on the lookout for manual transmissions in unexpected vehicles. Say, a Mercury Mystique, or a Dodge Caliber, or a Chevy HHR, to name a few. If you really want to stump the competitors at a car-trivia contest,

992 GT3 Touring caught on video without camo

New Touring version dispenses with rear wing By Sam Sheehan / Tuesday, January 19, 2021 / Loading comments For those who think the fixed rear wing of the next GT3 looks a bit too much, rest assured that Porsche is set to continue its practice of producing a Touring version

Amelia Island Concours Is Moving From March Date

The Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance is still happening this year, just at a later date. Instead of being held in March, the annual car show is moving to May 20-23. This is the 26th show. The Concours organizers said moving the date allows more time for the COVID vaccine to