1986 Renault Alliance Is Junkyard Treasure

American Motors was born from the merger of Hudson and Nash in 1954 and absorbed Jeep in 1970. By the late 1970s, the company was in deep trouble; when the United States government told AMC to drop dead, France—in the form of then-government-owned Renault—stepped in, provided many francs, and took

A BMW M1 With An Official Procar Bodykit Is About To Be Auctioned

Under most circumstances, we’d view modifying an M1 as something pretty heinous. BMW only made 400 road cars, and as the first official M plus one of only two mid-engined production cars the company ever made, its historical importance cannot be overstated. However, we’ll happily give this particular M1 a

Stroll through a Graveyard of Rare European Cars This Halloween

What would Halloween be without submersing yourself in some spooky places? A haunted forest, perhaps, or maybe midnight meandering through a corn maze? How about a crawl through a graveyard filled with the skeletons, carcasses and hulks of … automotive marques no longer present in the U.S? Mwahahaha! There are

10 Cool SUVs You Can Import Now

Tired of owning one of five identical SUVs in your own neighborhood? Thanks to the 25-year-rule, you can privately import a vehicle from the not-so-distant past, something hailing from around the dawn of the internet age. There are plenty of 4x4s from this dial-up time period that are still on

70 Years Ago Today Daimler-Benz Took over Unimog Production

The Unimog has worked a three-pointed star badge long enough for just about everyone to consider it a Mercedes-Benz design. But that’s not the case. Today is the 70th anniversary of Daimler-Benz’s purchase of Unimog from Boehringer Brothers. That’s right: the Unimog was initially developed by the small Göppingen-based automaker

Rare 4-Speed-Manual 1995 Toyota Tercel Is Junkyard Treasure

Recently, we learned that the very last new car sold in North America with the storied four-on-the-floor manual transmission was the 1996 Toyota Tercel. For the 1994 through 1996 model years, the Tercel was your only choice for a new car with a four-speed manual, and I’ve managed to find

1989 Ford Escort Is a Passing Phenomenon

The North American version of the Ford Escort appeared during the 1981 model year. It was at its closest a first cousin to its European counterpart, but Ford was able to claim “best-selling car in the world” honors for quite some time. The factory-hot-rod version of the Escort was the

1992 Pontiac Salsa Concept: A Chip Off a Very Weird Block

General Motors’ Excitement Division didn’t deal solely in rad muscle cars and wide-track mid-size sedans. No, Pontiac’s history is rife with odd projects, from the Trans Sport minivan to the Toyota-based Vibe hatchback. In the early 1990s, Pontiac even conceptualized what a compact targa-topped sports car that transformed from an

1955 Studebaker Commander Is Junkyard Treasure

The relentless march into the cold iron jaws of The Crusher by American-made sedans from the 1946-1975 period continues. Few seem willing to consider Detroit (or, in this case, South Bend) four-doors rescue-project-worthy and save them from their doom. Just in recent months, I’ve documented the demise of a 1963