This Yellow Maserati GranSport Is Way Cooler Than A Used 911

For the first time ever, Maserati is getting into the engine building game. Its ‘Nettuno’ V6 is good for 613bhp, will rev to 8000rpm, and is set to appear in the new mid-engined ‘MC20’ supercar. For the last time the company made anything close to that, we have to wind

A 1000-Mile Honda S2000 Just Sold For Over $50,000

If money suddenly became no object you’d end up buying the cars you wanted most. Cars that simply light your candle, whether it’s a Ferrari Pista for sheer thrills or a musty Rover 75 Connoisseur because that’s the first car you can remember your dad shuttling you around in. Hell,

Celebrate The Work Of Hans Mezger With This 997 Porsche 911 GT2 Clubsport

Earlier this week, Hans Mezger – Porsche’s most celebrated engine architect – died aged 90. With the man behind the 917, the original 911 flat-six, the multiple championship-winning TAG turbo V6 F1 engine and so much more fresh in our minds, our latest used car pick simply had to reflect

You Can Buy A Ferrari 612 Scaglietti For The Price Of A Cayman

Despite being a relatively recent Ferrari, the 612 Scaglietti is in danger of becoming something of a forgotten Maranello product. A lot of that is probably to do with what came before, and what came after. The 456 was more elegant, and it had pop-up headlights, for Pete’s sake. The

The Sub-£20k Ford Focus RS Is Now A Thing

For the fourth-generation Ford Focus, it seems there won’t be a wild ‘RS’ version. According to a report in a French publication last week, Ford has cancelled the Mk4 Focus RS, the production of which has been deemed unviable amid company-wide cost-cutting measures and tightening emissions rules in Europe. Thankfully,

American Cars That Got Weird Names When Exported

There was a time when “captive imports” were a big thing—in other words, when American automakers looked overseas for small, efficient, reliable vehicles from Asian manufacturers to sell in the U.S. badged under American nameplates. The Chevrolet LUV? That was an Isuzu. The Dodge Colt? A Mitsubishi. And so on. But

This Viper-Based 'Alfa Romeo' TZ3 Stradale Zagato Is Up For Auction

The original Giulia TZ came along during Alfa Romeo’s golden era. It has all the attributes of the Italian brand’s greatest cars: low weight, a punchy twin-cam inline-four engine, gorgeous looks, and competition success. When Alfa’s centenary came along in 2010, however, the company was in the middle of a

This Unique 325bhp BMW-Engined Mercedes 300E Needs Saving

Hartge was set up in the German district of Merzig by two brothers with a mission. A mission to relocate the big engines from large BMWs into the small chassis of little ones. Commonly, 5-series engines were swapped into 3ers and then tuned in tandem with chassis upgrades to birth