Famous Toyota Supra From 'Fast & Furious' Is Going Up For Auction

It’s your chance to own the most important car from ‘The Fast and the Furious.’ In 2001, The Fast and the Furious brought the American tuner car scene to a global audience and launched a movie franchise that has kept getting crazier until there was a rocket-propelled Pontiac Fiero going into

Latest Fast 9 Featurette Shines The Spotlight On The Ladies

These girls are ready to kick some tail. There’s a new teaser trailer that just dropped for the latest Fast and Furious film, but this one is a bit different. Instead of focusing on Dom’s family angst, Roman’s one-liners, or batshit crazy stunts like a Fiero launching into orbit, we’re

Fast And Furious 9 Goes Behind The Scenes To Show Vehicular Carnage

Some real, some CGI. Delayed several times because of the coronavirus pandemic, the ninth installment in the Fast and Furious franchise will finally hit theaters on June 25. However, people expecting Vin Diesel and the rest of the gang returning to the series’ illegal racing roots are in for a

Toyota Had To Defend This GR Yaris Ad From Being Banned

Do you see anything offensive? There has been a real challenge in marketing the performance of the Toyota GR Yaris in Australia because the automaker had to defend an ad for the hot hatch for a second time there. This time, Ad Standards Community Panel ruled that the automaker didn’t need

Jeep Super Bowl Ad Back After Springsteen's DUI Charges Dropped

Case closed for The Boss. Bruce Springsteen was in hot waters earlier this month as charges against him in November surfaced just days after his Jeep Super Bowl LV ad was released. Because of that dispute, Jeep had to take down the video – at least until the investigation comes to

Justin Bieber's Custom Rolls-Royce Coupe Looks Lost In Present Time

That’s one weird thing. Celebrities and their cars – you just can’t really trust them. While there are many with respectable taste, like Lady Gaga’s first-generation Ford SVT Lightning, or Kevin Hart’s sinister-looking Hellephant-powered 1970 Dodge Charger, there are some that are ill-advised and borderline HPD. One example is this:

Extremely Rare Mercedes-Benz CLK DTM AMG Heads to Auction

Yikes—another AMG falls victim to the garish grips of the aftermarket. Look at those tacky wheels, Pep Boys’ fender flares, and glued-on rear wing—why couldn’t the owner just leave this poor CLK drop-top alone? I mean— Gotcha. As much as this may look like the work of some tuner shop,