Hertz Gains Temporary Lifeline

Photo courtesy of the Hertz Corp. Hertz Global Holdings Inc. has entered into forbearance and waiver agreements with lenders, as outlined in an SEC filing today. The company had not made payments due on April 27 in accordance with its operating lease for its rental car fleet. The lenders gave

Another Reason 2019 Was Better: Driving Deaths Declined

Amid the news media’s daily death-toll numbers due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has a bit of brighter news. In its preliminary estimates of 2019 highway fatality data, the agency has announced a decline in traffic deaths, continuing the slide seen in

One Electric Car To Rule Them All: These 10 Influencers Share Top Picks

They can only pick one past, present, or future option to be their go-to for everything. It’s not easy to come up with solid and entertaining YouTube content ideas when there’s a stay-at-home order. However, we can all still communicate with chat and video conferencing platforms. Ben Sullins decided he

BMW Thinks The Key To Wider EV Adoption Is Battery Price Reduction

Will it also consider mining and recycling as options to get there? Today, we wrote about how Benchmark Mineral Intelligence believes controlling the price of raw materials may help reduce battery prices and keep them low. That would require getting car companies involved with the mining business. We also published

Elon Musk's SpaceX And Tom Cruise Could Shoot Movie In Space

Musk is no stranger to the movie industry and there’s really no better way to promote SpaceX than to have it featured in a film. When Elon Musk isn’t talking about building electric cars, going into space and to other planets, or just having an apparent meltdown on Twitter, he’s

New car registrations fall 97% amid coronavirus outbreak

Coronavirus lockdown unsurprisingly sees new-car sales hit hard, with just 4,000 cars sold in April as dealerships shut up shop The UK’s new-car market contracted by 97 per cent in April as the coronavirus lockdown closed dealerships, falling to levels not seen since 1946. Just 4,321 new cars changed hands

Hyundai Wants To Clear Up EV Misconceptions With Kona Electric

Korean automaker wants to reassure you that owning a Kona Electric has plenty of upsides. Hyundai and Kia make some of the most competitive electric vehicles on the market. They are well priced for the impressive range they offer and you won’t really see a bad review of any of

Automatic cars cost almost £100 more to insure

Insurance comparison data reveals opting for a manual gearbox saves 20 per cent come renewal time Drivers who opt for a car with an automatic gearbox pay an average of £94.07 more to insure their cars, data from 15 million quotes has shown. Owners of manual cars pay an average