Fresh Toyota GR86 Receives 2JZ Engine Swap For Clean Street Car Build

Most engine swaps we’ve encountered involve an old car or a fairly used one, then given a heart transplant with a more powerful motor. But this one’s different – a brand new Toyota GR86 with a 2JZ engine, put under the limelight courtesy of Larry Chen on YouTube. So how

Solar powered cars: amazing vehicles that run on the sun

Using clean, free power from the sun to run our cars sounds like a revolutionary answer to a lot of our current problems, but will it ever really work?   The average car in the UK is parked for 96 per cent of the time. Now imagine if, during that

Truss and Kwarteng slammed for not cutting fuel duty

Fuel duty activist calls on government to lower taxation We use your sign-up to provide content in ways you’ve consented to and to improve our understanding of you. This may include adverts from us and 3rd parties based on our understanding. You can unsubscribe at any time. More info Liz

Lego Hot Rod RC Car Has A Working Clutch And Four-Speed Gearbox

Legos are more than just toys for curious kids. The plastic building bricks are a blank slate, a versatile tool for endless creativity. Lego, the company, has embraced the automobile with intricate kits of iconic and new machines, but a new video from the Brick Technology YouTube video channel shows

Nissan Ariya: Competitive With VW's MEB EVs In Bjørn's Banana Box Test

The Nissan Ariya is finally entering the European market (and soon also the North American market), which means an incoming wave of reviews of the long-awaited, all-new electric Nissan. Bjørn Nyland, as usual, begins his overview of the Nissan Ariya from the humorous banana box test to check the cargo potential.

2022 Lamborghini Urus S – facelift gets 666 PS, 850 Nm, 0-100km/h 3.5 seconds, carbon roof, new styling –

Automobili Lamborghini has premiered the new Urus S which will succeed the original Urus revealed at the end of 2017, with enhanced performance and luxury. The Urus has since set a new production record for the company. The new Urus S joins Lamborghini’s Super SUV line up which also includes

“The car industry is insulated from economic turmoil but the car buyer is not”

The weak pound and rising prices will quickly make motoring more expensive. Andy Palmer explains how the car industry will be impacted in the longer term Last year, I appeared on BBC’s Question Time sitting next to soon-to-be Chancellor, Kwasi Kwarteng. Amidst a discussion about how the UK economy responds

Citroen Oli EV Concept Seems Inspired By The GMC Hummer EV

Citroen used to be known for its bold and often just plain weird designs, a trait which it all but lost in the last two decades. But the automaker’s latest production models are rekindling some of the past craziness, as does this new study called the Citroen Oli Concept, whose

Skoda Fabia 1.0 TSI: long-term test review

Second report: man’s best friend finds a new buddy in the shape of our Skoda Fabia supermini 4.0 out of 5 Buy used for less at Buyacar   Verdict The Skoda Fabia is proving first-class transport for Isla, and efficiency on long runs is great, too. One or two ergonomic

Cadillac Lyriq Gets Recalled For Touchscreen That Goes Blank

Cadillac has already issued a stop-sale order for its first electric vehicle, the Lyriq, after discovering a defect with the infotainment system’s screen. This is the first recall for the Lyriq electric SUV, for which customer deliveries started only recently (Debut Edition models only). Fortunately for Cadillac, there aren’t that many