Revenge Of The Electric Cars? EVs Block Gas Station To Prove A Point

How does it feel to have your access to energy denied? Have empathy, people. We often have news here of people blocking charging stations with combustion-engined cars. It is the unfortunately famous ICE’ing. What if EV owners decided to do the same? Well, Croatian supporters of electric vehicles have done

McLaren 620R Limited Edition Race Car Unveiled

McLaren has pulled off quite a few surprises this year, be it the MCL34 Formula One car or the 720S road car and now as we are ending the year, it has introduced the new McLaren 620R which is a road legal version of the stunning 570S GT4 race car.

These are the most reliable cars on the market according to experts

Audi’s popular A1 model was found to be the most reliable model on the market with just one in 1,610 models needing any kind of repair over the next 12 months. Renault’s popular Clio model and the Nissan Note also recorded high-reliability rates in the study with over one in

In November, Jaguar I-PACE Sales Decreased For The First Time

So far this year, I-PACE averages roughly 1,400 sales a month at 10% of Jaguar volume (globally). Official Jaguar global sales report for the month of November 2019 shows that the I-PACE sales decreased year-over-year for the very first time since introduction in 2018. Jaguar sold 1,392 I-PACE, which is 36.6%

2019 BMW X5: Everything You Need to Know

BMW redesigned its mid-size X5 SUV for the 2019 model year, and the fourth generation of the X5 has a little bit more of everything: space, horsepower and tech features — plus a slew of newly standard safety equipment. Related: Wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto: Where Are They Now?

Hyundai’s Research Shows There Are 36,750 Different Driving Styles

A research done by Hyundai revealed that there are 36,750 different ways to drive, with even the type of car you drive affecting your driving style. The figure has been reached by identifying the six most important factors that impact driving style and developing a real-life measurement for each. The

Jensen Interceptor Gets 2019 Remake In Photoshop

The gentleman’s sports car of the modern age. Born in 1966, the Jensen Interceptor combined Italian styling, British Luxury, and an American V8 to create the quintessential gentleman’s sports car of the 1960s. What would this perfect sports car recipe of the 1960s look like in 2019? Well, through the

Geek Out Over This Landspeedster Built In A Garage

Just in time for the latest Star Wars movie. Anyone who grew up watching the original Star Wars trilogy, or for those who have seen the movie in its remastered form in the 90s, will remember that the opening 30 minutes would have already exposed us to a myriad of

Hertz Partners with LoJack Mexico for Vehicle Tracking

Car theft in México has cost the insurance sector approximately 1 billion pesos ($51,812) monthly in losses, based on recent data out from the Association of Mexican Insurance Institutions. Photo via Depositphotos. CalAmp, a global technology solutions, announced its subsidiary, LoJack Mexico, has established a strategic alliance with Hertz, locally represented by AVASA,