Youtuber Finds the Opposite of “Fitment” with Diesel Beetle

In the time since we last saw YouTuber Bug BMW’s Beetle TDI, a lot has happened. And now, he’s putting the biggest wheels and tires he can on it.

In case you’ve forgotten, this is the same Beetle that had a tow bar attached to its roof to recreate the air-cooled camper that could do a full 360 under its trailer. Shockingly, this may be even dumber than that.

The wheel and tire combo that Bug BMX chose was too big to fit under the wheel wells. Naturally then, he chose to make ludicrously long spacers to extend the wheels past the body.

The advantage of this is that it looks hilarious. The disadvantages are that every time he turns the front wheels they rub against everything and every time the wheels articulate it looks like they’ll break. And then one of them did.

As you might expect, the Beetle was never designed to handle, well, any of this. As a result, the steering arm snaps like a twig, causing it to become pigeon-toed. It also causes the clutch to burn like a funeral pyre.

But for a brief, magical moment, everything was working surprisingly well. And the off-road, Cummins-powered Beetle TDI was kind of glorious. Or amusing, at least.

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