Watch Sentry Mode Capture Semi Truck Damaging Tesla Model 3: Video

At least the semi-truck driver stopped.

Watch as Tesla’s unique Sentry Mode captures a semi truck that hits a parked Tesla Model 3. Your Tesla isn’t safe from damage anywhere, it seems.

Luckily, the actual wreck is less severe than you might at first think. We envisioned the semi backing into the Model 3 or perhaps entirely sideswiping it. Instead, the truck driver just seems to have misjudged the trailer size a bit and cuts to turn a wee bit too early.

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It appears to be a grazing rather than a hit, but yes the Model 3 is damaged and yes, Sentry Mode captures it once again. It could’ve been a much worse outcome, Such a valuable feature that Sentry Mode is proving to be.

Video description via Roberto Capodieci on YouTube:

Wed 5th of June 2019 at 13:50 I parked to go see a friend at his office and came back 15 minutes later to find my car damaged and a few people that had stopped the truck driver.

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