Watch Nico Rosberg Get Scared As A Passenger In An Extreme E Off-Roader

Former Formula 1 driver Nico Rosberg is quite accustomed to going quickly, but if you take him off the grippy tarmac that he masters, he admits it’s a totally different type of driving. He recently drove one of his Extreme E racing team’s off-road EVs for the very first time, and he was also taken for a ride as a passenger with an actual pro off-road racer at the wheel.

Nico first drives the Rosberg X Racing Extreme E off-roader on his own, noting how much grip the vehicle has, even with his lack of experience behind the wheel – this was the first time he ever drove an Extreme E racer, so it was a new vehicle in a new environment. He also notes that the amount of arm twirling needed to keep it pointing in the right direction was tiring even after his short lap of the Nurburgring off-road track.

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