Watch Mercedes-AMG G63s Come Alive Straight From Factory Floor

It’s a much slower process than you’d expect to see in a factory.

Watching a car be built in a factory isn’t exactly exciting. There are lots of machines, people milling about, workers leaning in and out of vehicles – it’s organized chaos. However, for a select few, there are opportunities to see your own car built as it cruises down the assembly line. Shmee150 recently got that opportunity, documenting his experience seeing a gaggle Mercedes-AMG G63 SUVs roll through the factory during assembly. He also saw and built his very own G63.

The video starts at the beginning of the build process with the vehicle bodies arriving at the factory. Little by little, we get to see workers assemble various G63s in various stages of completion. The video shows the chassis, including the 577-horsepower (430-kilowatt), 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged V8 engine, come together with the body. It’s still a fantastic process to watch.

The video then shifts to Shmee’s own Mercedes-AMG G63, watching as it comes together. He even takes the opportunity to install the steering wheel and airbag in the SUV, climbing up into the doorless vehicle. However, he left the last bits of installation to the experts. The last thing anyone would want to do is screw up assembling their own vehicle. He then installed the fender badge, which had to be an exhilarating experience.

The long video has more than just footage from the assembly line. About halfway through, the video cuts to the G-Class experience, where Shmee takes a Mercedes G550 up an off-road course. When Mercedes announced it would finally give the G-Class a proper update, there were fears the company would make it too modern, refining what made the Geländewagen so popular. However, the new generation has met and exceeded fan expectations, remaining a capable and powerful off-road luxury machine.

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