Volkswagen Malaysia introduces Walnut Blasting Decarboniser service for a cleaner, smoother drive

Volkswagen Passenger Cars Malaysia (VPCM) has introduced a new after-sales service, and this one involves engine decarbonisation – the Walnut Blasting Decarboniser service, as it is called, is a preventive maintenance package introduced as part of the Volkswagen Cares initiative.

All cars with a direct-injection engine running on gasoline will produce carbon deposits as a by-product of the combustion process, and this is aggravated by stop-and-go city driving. Over a prolonged period, a build-up of black soot that hardens around the intake valves occurs, leading to restrictions in the engine, resulting in loss of power, overheating and higher fuel consumption.

Other symptoms that can manifest as a result of blocked intake valves are rough idling, poor acceleration, engine misfire and engine knocking. That’s where engine decarbonisation can help restore performance.

Recognised and approved by Volkswagen AG, the Walnut Blasting Decarboniser involves blasting metal surfaces to remove carbon build-up in the engine for a cleaner and smoother drive, but instead of highly abrasive material utilises fragmented walnut shells to gently clean the surface without damaging the metal. The method is efficient and non-corrosive, since it doesn’t use harmful chemicals.

The company says that the service is available at all authorised dealerships and costs from as low as RM515, depending on application. It adds that engine decarbonising is recommended as a preventive measure and should be carried out every 45,000 km.

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