Volkswagen Confirms Sales Of e-Golf In Canada In 2020

Volkswagen e-Golf seems to be production constrained as demand in many markets exceeds availability

Relatively low availability of  heVolkswagen e-Golf in Canada prompted some doubt over the future of the only all-electric VW in 2020.

According to the latest news, Volkswagen confirmed that the e-Golf will be available in 2020, which is reasonable, especially since the Volkswagen ID.3 is not coming to North America, and the CROZZ version will follow probably from 2021 on.

“That being said, it will be interesting to see if VW can fix the electric Golf’s supply problem. There is currently a reported 8-month waiting period for an e-golf according to a few Volkswagen dealerships we and others have spoken to. In other words, the Volkswagen e-golf is a unicorn right now.”

Interestingly, Canadian EV sales indicate that sales of e-Golf in May reached a new record of 274, which is one of the highest results for the month.


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