Viral fuel ‘hack’ shares ‘cheapest day and time to visit pumps’ – ‘best way to save’

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A content creator who has amassed hundreds of thousands of followers for his financial tips, which he posts on his TikTok account. Going by “NDA” online, he has 572.6k TikTok followers and has earned 4.6 million likes on the account.

In a video focused on petrol prices, he urged Britons to wait until Monday to will up their tanks.

He said: “According to the Automobile Club Association study, Monday is the best day of the week for fuel prices.

He claimed they would “be at their lowest” on Monday “since they fluctuate throughout the week.”

The content creator also claimed filling up in the middle of the day is more expensive, especially on a hot day.

He said: “Plus, you should fill up in the morning since the volume or diesel varies depending on the temperature outside.

“When the weather is hotter the fuel expands and takes up more space inside the tank.

“So one litre of fuel is equivalent to less than one litre when you’re refilling inside of a high temperature tank.

“So, you’re basically throwing money away at the pump.

“Instead, fill up in the early morning or late, late evening.”

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Andrew Marshall, Marketing & Partnerships Manager at Carmoney said the day of the week drivers fill up on is unlikely to make any noticeable difference to their bill.

He said: “The fluctuations in fuel prices over a weekly period will be very minimal, and re-fuelling on a Monday compared to a Wednesday will probably not change your fuel bill by a noticeable amount.”

So what about filling up at cooler times of the day. According to Andrew, the science behind this hack is correct.

He said: “With regards to the expanding fuel tip, this holds water as both petrol and diesel expand in hot weather and would take up more space in the tank.

“Topping up when the temperature is lower would give you the most of your tank’s capacity, though the difference would be slight.”

However, he did share the best way, in his view, to save on fuel.

He told readers: “The best way to save when re-fuelling is to keep track of local stations’ prices and go where the prices are lowest.

Another fuel hack to save money claims drivers can save up to 20 percent on their fuel when driving at speed. 

The driving test experts at TikTok account Driving Test Success claimed Britons will “use up less fuel” by rolling their windows up over certain speeds – even during a heatwave.

Drag caused by keeping the windows open wastes fuel.

At higher speeds, it wastes more fuel than having the air conditioning on.

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