VIDEO: 2019 Yamaha Y15ZR V2 – Malaysia's most popular supercub, priced at RM8,168

If you’re a young rider in Malaysia, with a fresh license and on the lookout for sporty transport but don’t want a scooter or run of the mill kapchai, your choice is easy, the 2019 Yamaha Y15ZR V2. Priced at a recommended retail price of RM8,168 without road tax, insurance or registration, the Y15ZR has proven to be a popular choice with Malaysian riders.

As its name suggests, the Y15ZR V2 is an updated version of the previous generation Y15ZR and some changes have been made, although the engine is still the same 150 cc, liquid-cooled mill. The most obvious change is the headlight, which is now and LED unit and has a tiny cowl on top painted in the body colour.

Also changed is the the instrument panel, which is now a monochrome LCD unit with white numerals set on a dark background and on the handlebar pods, there is now a passing light and kill switch. The front tyre has seen an increase in size, now a 90/80-17 although the Y15ZR’s handling remains as sharp as ever with the increased front tyre width helping rider confidence.

While fuel is still carried in the same 4.2-litre tank, weight has increased slightly by 2 kg from previous, bringing total weight to approximately 117 kg. The rear monoshock has also been revised slightly, giving slightly better rebound damping.

For the power numbers of the Y15ZR, watch the video above as we put it on the dyno and find out exactly what the engine is putting out at the rear wheel. There are four colour choices for the 2019 Yamaha Y15ZR V2 – Striking Cyan, Blazing Red, Storm Blue and Dynamic Grey – and purchasers will receive a disc lock worth RM100.

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