UK cities are ‘underprepared’ for the switch to electric cars despite new investment

Electric cars: Ford UK detail motoring options for drivers

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The specialists revealed new investment “won’t make electric vehicles any cheaper” for the “majority” of buyers. Therefore one of the leading barriers to purchasing a car would not have been met, potentially preventing growth in the sector.

Sepi Arani, Director of OEM at Carwow, made the comments after the new OFGEM will deliver a £300million boost to install more public charging stations.

He said: “This is a much-needed boost; manufacturers have already invested billions to increase consumer choice by as much as 91 percent since before the pandemic, while utility companies are also delivering new public chargers on a daily basis.”

He added: “Although this pledge will go a long way to reduce range anxiety for those looking to make the switch to EV.

“For the majority of buyers it won’t actually make electric vehicles any cheaper (which is one of the main barriers to purchasing).

“It’s important to address the fact that as a country, we’re underprepared for the switch to EV, but this investment will help us take steps towards becoming ready.

“In the meantime, if you’re thinking about making the switch to electric, but you’re concerned about the charging availability in your area, check out our handy electric vehicle charging map.”

The extra financial boost will see 1,800 new ultra-rapid charging stations installed across motorway service stations.

This would triple the number of rapid points currently on the network.

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Alongside this, a further 1,750 charging points will be introduced in towns and cities over the next two years.

The investment would also cover many rural areas with charging points set to be installed across Wales and even into Windermere.

Rachel Maclean, Transport Minister said the extra funding would “greatly improve the resilience” of the charging network.

OFGEM has said every region of Britain will benefit from the extra funding with 204 projects set to boost electric car take up being explored.

The experts claim an extensive motorway charging network and more points in towns and cities could reduce the impact of range anxiety on drivers’ minds.

Jonathan Brearley, Chief Executive of OFGEM said the project will ensure drivers have “more charging options”.

He said: “This £300 million down payment is just the start of building back a greener energy network which will see well over £40 billion of investment in Britain’s energy networks in the next seven years.

“The payment will support the rapid take up of electric vehicles which will be vital if Britain is to hit its climate change targets.

“Drivers need to be confident that they can charge their car quickly when they need to.

“We’re paving the way for the installation of 1,800 ultra-rapid charge points, tripling the number of these public charge points. Drivers will have more charging options for longer journeys.

“In the year that Glasgow hosts the COP26 climate summit, the energy networks are rising to the challenge and working with us and partners to accelerate projects that can start now, benefiting consumers, boosting the economy and creating jobs.”

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