Tritium To Supply DC Fast Chargers For Drive Energi Network In UK

Up to 2,500 sites will be installed by 2025, with first installations starting later this year.

Tritium recently was selected by Box Energi as she ole supplier of DC fast chargers for a new charging network in the UK called Drive Energi.

The plan is to build 2,500 locations by 2025. The first 100 will be ready by the end of January 2020.

Taking into consideration 2 or more chargers per site, it could be one of the biggest orders for the Australian manufacturer.

There are not many details on the project, but one of the articles hints at two 50 kW Tritium Veefil-RT per site plus AC stations as support. It’s very likely that higher power chargers are also planned.

James Moat, CEO of Drive Energi said:

“We chose to work with Tritium because its technology is proven and its chargers are reliable, robust and trustworthy. These chargers are not only the fastest and most advanced in their class, but incredibly easy to use and, with the world’s smallest physical footprint, to deploy as well – particularly in our cities and high-density areas where space is increasingly limited.”,

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