Toyota And Subaru To Jointly Develop BEV Platform And EV SUV

Toyota and Subaru announced a joint BEV platform and a first all-electric model. It could be the start for entire lineup of BEVs.

Toyota and Subaru announced a new agreement to jointly develop a new dedicated all-electric platform for midsize and large passenger vehicles.

The deal includes also development of the first model based on the platform – an all-electric C-segment-class SUV, which will be sold under both brands. It’s hard to say when we will see Toyota/Subaru electric SUV, but we are eager to see one.

According to the press release, the partnership will make use of Subaru’s all-wheel-drive technologies and Toyota’s vehicle electrification technologies.

“Toyota Motor Corporation (Toyota) and Subaru Corporation (Subaru) disclosed today that they have agreed to jointly develop a platform dedicated to battery electric vehicles (BEVs) for midsize and large passenger vehicles and to jointly develop a C-segment-class BEV SUV model for sale under each company’s own brand. By combining their respective strengths, such as the all-wheel-drive technologies that Subaru has cultivated over many years and the vehicle electrification technologies that Toyota is employing to bring together other companies that share its aspirations, the two companies intend to take up the challenge of creating attractive products with appeal that only BEVs can offer.”

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We guess that if the project turns successful, there will be a continuation in the form of following models. On the table are: “multiple vehicle types, including C-segment-class and D-segment-class sedans and SUVs”.

“As a first step in this direction, while accelerating productization by bringing together technologies that represent each company’s strengths and cooperating where possible, the two companies will jointly develop a BEV-dedicated platform. The platform will be developed in a way that will make it broadly applicable to multiple vehicle types, including C-segment-class and D-segment-class sedans and SUVs, as well as to efficient development of derivative vehicle models.”

Toyota and Subaru already joined forces with the Subaru Crosstrek Hybrid, which uses Toyota Prius Prime electric powertrain.


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