SPYSHOTS: 992 Porsche 911 Turbo drops disguise

The 992-generation Porsche 911 Turbo has been spotted on test again, this time almost fully undisguised around its home grounds in Germany. At first glance the vehicle seen here may appear to wear a front bumper similar to those on the Carrera variants, though above the intakes are a pair of dual LED strips on each side, signifying the top Turbo variant.

The forthcoming 911 Turbo is expected use a twin-turbocharged flat-six engine displacing the same 3.8 litres as before, though this is likely to boast of a hike in power and torque to at least match the 991 facelift Turbo’s output of 580 hp. Transmission should continue to be a dual-clutch gearbox sending drive to all four wheels, likely to feature torque vectoring and rear-wheel steering.

The Turbo’s rear wheel arches will be widened over those of the standard 992-generation Carrera range, though here the rear bumper features exhaust outlets similar to those on the Carrera models, rather than the quad-trapezoidal items styled after those on the 992 Turbo Cabriolet test mule and the 991 Turbo facelift. In now-traditional Turbo style, intakes will feature ahead of the rear wheel arches, and the rear wing is a larger, deployable item.

Certain visual cues for the actual production car remain to be seen, such as the wheels. These will be home to brakes uprated to better cope with the Turbo’s prodigious engine outputs, along with a Turbo-specific suspension setup. Given the advanced state of bodywork readiness, could the 992 Turbo be making a debut soon?

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