Royal Enfield Adopts Dry Washing Technique In Chennai Amidst Ongoing Water Crisis

Tamil Nadu, along with Chennai is in the middle of a severe water crisis. And Royal Enfield, based in Chennai, is doing its bit to help. The company announced that it will be using dry washing techniques at all of its 20 service centres in the city. Royal Enfield says that implementation of this system will help save approximately 18 lakhs litres of water every month. The city needs about 800 million litres of water per day but is currently getting only 525 million litres, leaving a major deficit of 275 million litres.

(The quality of the dry wash is at par with regular water wash and it reduces the servicing time as well, apart from saving water)

Talking about the introduction of this policy, Shaji Koshy, Head India Business, Royal Enfield said, “This initiative by Royal Enfield is a part of our long-standing commitment to ensure best in class customer experience. All our initiatives such as dry wash, paperless service etc. are crafted to enhance this experience. The situation in Chennai has allowed us to innovate and bring efficiencies in our own operations, which is always the objective.”

Dry washing is not only an Eco-friendly way to wash motorcycles and reduce water consumption but it also doesn’t compromise with the quality of washing and reduces the time taken to service a vehicle. Royal Enfield says that it will adopt this technique in other cities of Tamil Nadu in the near future.

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