Rivian "Animals" Ad: Electric Adventure Vehicles Are A Work Of Art

Rivian fans are taking a page from the Tesla playbook.

As we recently shared, Rivian is clearly watching Tesla and taking notes. The upcoming electric startup automaker has the advantage of implementing the strategies that work and avoiding those that don’t.

While Tesla doesn’t have an advertising budget or use traditional ads and commercials, it does advertise in a non-traditional sense. This is mostly done through the company’s CEO, social media outlets, and owners.

We have said in the past that if Tesla were to start advertising, sales would likely accelerate even more quickly. However, the Silicon Valley automaker doesn’t need that to happen right now. This is because it can barely keep up with everything that’s already on its plate. Still, in the past, Tesla ran the Project Loveday commercial contest, which excited fans and garnered plenty of popularity.

Rivian has made it clear that it loves to advertise its vehicles. However, the company is just in the process of getting the word out about its concepts. We aren’t quite sure exactly how Rivian will handle advertising once the vehicles are in production. It would be fantastic if it pushed hard on social media, much like Tesla, in addition to running a full-scale advertising campaign to wake up the masses.

In the meantime, some fans are already making Rivian ads. YouTuber Detroitable just released its second commercial entitled “Animals.” The channel says Rivian’s truck feels more like art, so it used famous poetry and music to accompany some awesome footage.

Video Description via Detroitable on YouTube:

“Animals” Rivian electric adventure vehicle fan video

I feel like Rivian isn’t just making a truck, it feels much more like art, so I made them a video that feels much more like art. Not having to follow a legacy of pickup truck design gives them the freedom to do things that would probably be shot down in the labyrinths of the giant automakers.
Strategy-wise, I thought about the age of a person who would buy a truck like this. It seems like 40-60 is the most likely target. I then thought of what goes through that target’s mind. I think experiences are much higher on the list for this age group than things. Also, this group is reminiscing more and more as they get older. You know, recapturing the freedom and adventures of their youth. I’m sure I overthought every aspect of this video…this is version 17 by the way. I think this would be even better with real Voice over talent rather than myself in my studio.

The poem is “Animals” by Frank O’Hara
The music is by “Mad Rush” by Phillip Glass

Not being able to shoot all this, I scoured footage from around the web along with Rivian’s own footage from previously released videos.

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