Ride On Wild Hot Wheels Track Featuring Waterslides And A Leaf Blower

The person behind the Backyard Racing YouTube channel frequently transforms their backyard into complex Hot Wheels tracks. The latest one takes advantage of warmer weather by including three trips through waterslides.

The course starts high in the air with tree branches supporting the track. After a short run, it dives into the first waterslide. This leads to a tiered section that dumps the car into more water, including going backwards briefly.

After that, the car goes through a technical section that includes multiple turns and a trip through a clear tube. At this point, the vehicle is near the ground, so there’s a lift hill for pulling the vehicle to the next part of the ride.

The car then goes down a long slope and takes a turn where there’s a leaf blower that propels the car farther. It follows the backyard’s fence and then to another waterslide.

Running through some speed boosters takes the car on the final bit of the run. It reaches the final waterslide and ends in a small pond.

According to the YouTube description, this track required six sump pumps to keep the water running. In addition to the usual Hot Wheels track, this course includes gutters to create the road. The builder also lists popsicle sticks, string, magnets, Jenga blocks, plastic container tubs, and zip ties as the construction materials. There are decorations along the way like a shark, the green aliens from Toy Story, army men, and other Hot Wheels cars.

In comparison to other Backyard Racing builds, this one is rather short. The complete run takes one minute and 55 seconds. The last one we saw lasted 3:45 and had complex elements like suspending parts of the track from popsicle sticks and even an elevator. It ended with a jump into a bucket of water.

Another track from this channel included a trip through a house, in addition to going through the backyard. The clip finished with a jump off a deck in a box full of foam blocks.

Source: Backyard Racing

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