Report: Audi e-tron GT to Have 3 Motors, Make 700 HP

Audi may be taking the fight to Porsche with the e-tron GT, as Auto Express reports that the electric sports car will make use of three motors to the Taycan’s two. With the two cars based on the same platform, that should give the e-tron GT some solid performance.

Audi is reportedly targeting 700 hp for e-tron GT and will hook two motors up to the back wheels and one to the front. The triple-motor setup should allow for some stinky drifting, if the mood strikes you.

Range is reported to be in the neighborhood of 250 miles. The report comes from a British magazine, though, so we would expect that number to dip a bit according to US regulators.

As we learned recently, the e-tron GT will be getting an RS version, so the height of performance will likely be reserved for that model.

Audi was apparently planning on revealing the e-tron GT at the LA auto show, which was supposed to take place in November. With the pandemic, though, the show was canceled and the VW group has, wisely, shown itself unwilling to make a large team travel large distances. Although no official reveal date has been offered, we would anticipate a digital reveal relatively soon.

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