Q-Reel Makes Charging Your Electric Car A Lighter, Easier, More Automated Job

Is the charging cable too heavy for you? These guys may have just the right solution.

While having an EV is a dream for a lot of our readers, most already have them in their garages. For them, charging can sometimes be hard work. Some complain that cables are cumbersome. Others would like to find a way to disconnect the car when it is done charging. A Dutch company decided to solve these problems with a new product: Q-Reel.

This home charger is installed in a high position. When you open the charging port, it automatically offers you the charging cable, which is 4 m (13 feet) long. Since it is hanging from above, you do not have to lift it, only to put it in place. That also allows you to avoid letting the cable on the floor.

If you are worried about anyone being able to use your Q-Reel, forget about that. The home charger has a camera that recognizes your license plate. Only your car and the ones you authorize to do so can use it, which also makes it very safe.

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Another exciting safety feature is that the cable automatically disconnects from the charging port when charging is completed. Right after that, Q-Reel retracts it back, so it is neatly stored and ready for the next use.

The Q-Reel charger uses a mobile app that allows you to program charging time preferences – for a lower electricity fare – charging level percentage, and even footage of your Q-Reel at your cell phone. Remember the camera that recognizes the license plate? It can also monitor the activities around your car.

The company did not tell us which connector it uses, but we believe it is a CCS Type 2. It also did not inform how powerful the charger is, but the standard for home chargers is 7 kW. Something else we asked was the amount of funding the company aims to get with the 30-day Kickstarter campaign it will start very soon. We’ll update this article as quickly as Q-Reels gets back in touch.

What we know regarding prices is that early buyers will get it for €499. Considering regular home chargers may cost the same amount of money, the Q-Reel at this price may be quite a bargain as deliveries start. The company plans to offer them by December 2020.

Source: Q-Reel

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