Porsche Second Skin is a Livery Editor for the Real World

Car enthusiasts like to stand out from the crowd. Nobody buys a shouty sports car to blend in — one only has to look at the garish colors you can choose for your 911 GT3 RS to see the evidence of that.

But sometimes even an eye-bleachingly vile paint job won’t do the trick. The more flamboyant supercar owners — and influencers — will head for an aftermarket “wrap” to lay claim to their uniqueness. This is essentially a painted plastic skin which adheres to the car (without damaging the factory paint) which you can have in any finish or design you can imagine.

It’s not an ideal solution though. An aftermarket car wrap is fraught with difficulties, from finding reputable suppliers to telling your insurers (among others) that the car is now not factory standard. If you’re a Porsche owner, salvation is at hand, with Second Skin.

Porsche Digital has teamed up with a range of artists, design studios, paint manufacturers. and foil providers to create a factory-standard wrap service. The result is Second Skin, an online configurator just like one you’d use to create your car in the first place, just for liveries.

Starting in July, you’ll be able to log into the Second Skin platform and create your own wrap for your Porsche. There’s a range of preset designs available, taking inspiration from motorsport, but customers can make their own design — or even create one via a consultation process. Porsche is also making its genuine but previously unavailable colors available, if you fancy a blast from the past.

In order to show off what’s possible with Second Skin, Porsche used the platform to design a livery for one of its race cars at this weekend’s 24 Hours of Le Mans. The #56 GTE-Am car of customer team Team Project 1 will wear a Second Skin wrap, designed by Richard Phillips, which you can see below.

Once they’ve selected their design, customers can drive to an approved workshop for the vinyl application, or have Porsche collect the vehicle.

For now, Second Skin only supports Porsche vehicles, but after launch that will open up to other cars from other brands too. Prices for a complete livery start at around €4,000 ($4,500).

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