Porsche reopens Nardo Technical Center after renovation; support for EV, self-driving developments

Porsche has owned the Nardo Technical Center since 2012, and following a temporary closure for renovations, has now been re-opened. Operated by its engineering services provider division Porsche Engineering Group, renovations for the Italian test facility comprised a total investment of 35 million euros (RM162 million) and took seven months to complete.

The renovations comprised of asphalt resurfacing of the high-speed circular track, while a new guardrail system ha also been developed specifically for high-speed testing activities at the facility, and the vehicle dynamics platform with an a area of 106,000 sq m was also renovated.

“With the modernisation of the tracks, the strategic development of the Nardò Technical Center advances decisively. This proving ground has always been one-of-a-kind and is now more than ever a cornerstone of the Porsche development strategy and of the vehicle testing activities in the automotive industry as a whole,” said chairman of the Nardo Technical Center and managing director of Porsche Engineering Malte Radmann.

In addition to the high-speed testing for which facilities such as this have been known, the Nardo Technical Center is prepared for the industry’s future mobility direction, including aspects such as the electric vehicle charging characteristics, driver assistance systems, connected services and autonomous driving.

“The goal is that our customers can test the mobility of the future. There are several more extensions and renewals planned for the future. In addition, we want to promote growth of the entire local ecosystem with further development,” said Nardo Technical Center managing director Antonio Gratis.

The Nardo Technical Center itself comprises more than 20 tracks and facilities over an area of more than 700 hectares, employing more than 150 people and has 90 automotive companies among its customers, says Porsche. Built in 1975 and owned by Fiat until Porsche’s acquisition in 2012, the facility is possibly best known for its 12.6 km circular track where tests and speed record attempts have been carried out.

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