Porsche announces largest auto-branded charging network in Singapore – 51 new chargers by mid-2022 – paultan.org

Porsche Asia Pacific and SP Group have formed a partnership to further expand the Porsche Destination Charging network in Singapore, with plans to install a grand total of 51 AC and DC charging points islandwide by mid-2022.

Approximately 11 locations have been identified, which include Gardens by the Bay, South Beach and Sembawang Country Club. Porsche and SP Group also teamed up with City Developments Limited to install 15 charging points at four properties – City Square Mall and Quayside Isle.

SP Group is Singapore’s largest EV fast-charging provider. Approximately one-third of its charging points are high-speed DC chargers, and it currently operates over 450 charging points in more than 100 locations. The partnership with Porsche will create the largest manufacturer-branded EV charging network in the country, with further expansion plans also underway.

All upcoming Porsche Destination Charging points will be available on a central app. This allows EV owners to easily locate the nearest available charging point, monitor charging process, and make payment. It’s open for all electrified vehicle drivers, while Porsche owners receive some additional benefits.

The timeline fits the existing cross-border plan of installing 12 charging points along the North-South Expressway in Malaysia. This partnership with Shell will see six of its stations be outfitted with 180 kW DC chargers, each with two CCS Type 2 connectors. The setup will enable a single electric vehicle to be charged at the full 180 kW rate, or two vehicles at 90 kW each. It’s set to be operational by the first half of 2022.

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