‘Pathetic!’ Drivers blast ‘arrogant’ cyclists who upload footage to police websites

Cyclist clashes with driver after near collision

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An elderly driver was this week prosecuted at Cardiff Magistrates court for driving without due care and attention after Go-pro footage of him passing a cyclist was uploaded to a police website which allows officers to review footage taken by the public.

It left hundreds of motorists absolutely furious as they laid into a system they believe allows cyclists to look for situations they can video.

They also believe it needlessly targets drivers, the majority of whom are careful when it comes to passing bike riders.

Many Express.co.uk readers commented under the story wanting to have their say.

‘Backfire’ wrote: “He’s well over the centre of the road, this is an absurd judgement.

“I guess a lot of arrogant cyclists are actively trying to get footage to attack motorists, especially those in nice cars.”

‘WhiskeyJack’ added: “Many seem to ride up and down the same stretch of road deliberately frustrating motorists so they can film them to get a commission.”

‘Themugwhoworks’ wrote: “Just like arrogant cyclists who pay no road tax for the roads they use, have no way of being identified and break the law regularly but that’s OK just another minority group in society who think they’re superior!”

And ‘Bugbear1’ added: “They have their bad uns and law breakers absolutely. They ride on pavements, cause accidents and run red lights etc.”

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‘JTJ1’ spoke for many when they suggested cyclists should contribute in terms of tax.

They wrote: “Car driver has to pass a test, drive a car with a mot, car tax, insurance and fuel it which is heavily taxed and the cyclists get priority on the road. Pathetic!”

While ‘Specimen-CD587’ added: “Cyclists are part of the green agenda, and so they can do no wrong.

“It will always be the fault, a priori, of the driver of the petrol/diesel vehicle. There was plenty of room. The cyclists didn’t have to send the video in.”

‘Saleaway’ said: “Who are these two-wheeled t****rs who think that they now own the road. The Government really needs to have a rethink on this one”.

And ‘DavedenEngland’ replied: “Funny how cyclists don’t leave room when they’re undertaking and overtaking cars eh?!”

‘Jim1603’ criticised police, writing: “The police are weak and woke, they can’t solve real crime as it’s too hard for them.”

‘Rafbel’ agreed, saying: “Police bullies can only pick on the elderly… bike riders are a pain in the ‘arris’.”

But cyclists did find some support in the comments. ‘Toofattorun’ wrote: “The only bully in this scenario is the one driving the ridiculously wide two-tonne car far too close to a vulnerable road user.

“So he was fined because he refused to go on a course or take a fixed penalty fine. Sounds like he’s only got himself to blame.”

‘Miserablereader’ added: “Re-deploy some of these police to confiscate electric scooters which will actually save lives.”

But ‘Coast’ said: “The arrogance, selfishness and rudeness of it seem an increasing proportion of cyclists put me, considerate of other cyclists, at risk from rightly frustrated drivers.”

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