Northvolt Introduces Voltpack Energy Storage Solution With Vattenfall

Mobile, modular and flexible battery energy storage, everywhere where it’s temporarily needed.

Northvolt, an emerging battery manufacturer, announced the launch of a new energy storage solution for electric grid – Voltpack Mobile System, jointly developed with Vattenfall.

The new Voltpack Mobile System is a modular and flexible system envisioned as an replacement to diesel generators as well as for:

One of the major features of the Voltpack Mobile System is that it can be “redeployed, repurposed and connected seamlessly”.

Depending on requirements, the power output and energy can be simply configured by the number of boxes combined together. A single unit can deliver 250 kW of power and 245 kWh of energy.

Voltpack Mobile System delivers up to 250 kW with a scalable capacity from 245 to 1225 kWh of available energy. The system scales through a central interface hub, which can connect in parallel up to five self-contained Voltpacks, each containing three liquid-cooled, industrial-grade battery Voltpack Cores. The hub also serves as an interface for applications, and houses inverter and auxiliary systems. If further power or storage capacity is needed, this can be fulfilled simply by connecting multiple Voltpack Mobile Systems in parallel.

Northvolt Voltpack Mobile System

The final validation of Voltpack Mobile System will be undertaken at Vattenfall’s test and certification center in Älvkarleby, Sweden. Vattenfall will be of course also the first to deploy the VMP.

Northvolt develops its ESS business branch in parallel with the xEV battery branch, which includes a partnership with Volkswagen and “Northvolt Zwei” gigafactory project in Germany.

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