New Ford F-150 electric pickup truck has this unbelievable benefit

The Ford F-150 has become a staple vehicle in America and somewhat of an institution in the US. Usually, these huge vehicles are powered by similarly monstrous 3.0 or 5.0-litre petrol or diesel engines. There is seemingly going to be a huge shift in the future of F-150 which will see an all-electric variant offered within the next few years. Rumour has it the vehicle will be offered with an electric powertrain in future as well as a hybrid engine in its next generation.

It may be an uphill struggle to try and convert the core owner base of the F-150 to ditch a gas guzzler for an electric powertrain as some may believe that it wouldn’t be able to match up with the petrol or diesel cars specs.

However, the addition of an electric powertrain will offer a lot of torque making it potentially a lot quicker off the line.

Ford is also showing off how capable the car is with a test video showing its immense towing capability.

The video shows the prototype electric F-150 towing one million pounds of weight.

This is extremely impressive and demonstrates that it will still be able to be used confidently as a pickup truck.

What would be interesting to see is how towing weights like this would impact the battery and car’s range.

The electric pickup market is set to get fairly interesting over the coming years with both Rivian and Tesla expecting to electric trucks.

These pickups are promising electrifying acceleration, great towing capacity and also between 400-500 miles of range on a single charge.

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