New 2022 Highway Code changes set to launch in weeks are a ‘recipe for accidents’

GB News: Panel debate Highway Code changes

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David Bilsborough, Business Owner at Cheshire Cars said new guidance which gives priority to pedestrians and cyclists could cause a string of issues. He admitted he “didn’t know” about the new rules until last month despite the new guidance coming into effect from January 29.

He said: “I must admit I didn’t know about them until December.

“But are you aware, by the end of this month, if it gets sanctioned by the Government, you will need to give pedestrians and cyclists crossing a road the right of way.

“If you’re turning off the main road into a side road and there is a pedestrian waiting to cross, you will have to give way.

“At the moment, you would only give way if it is safe to do so.

“You should always have that in mind.

“If there is a stream of cars behind you and you haven’t checked your rear-view mirror you shouldn’t really stop, even though you’re indicating, as the car behind will expect you to make the turn.

“But now you’ve got to stop and let that pedestrian cross into the road.

“What do you think about that? I think it’s a recipe for causing an accident if I’ve read the rules correctly.”

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The vast majority of respondents to a Government consultation have supported the changes.

A massive 74.80 percent of people said they agreed with the interaction of stronger priorities for pedestrians.

Meanwhile, just 21 percent disagreed with the policy after raising a series of safety concerns.

A number of respondents thought the new rule would “put the onus on drivers to predict pedestrian behaviour”.

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