New 2022 Bentley Continental GT S teased

A driver-focused S model will return to the Bentley Continental GT range

A new teaser video from Bentley has confirmed a sporty Continental GT S will join the ranks of GT coupe and drop-top GTC models. 

The video also shows the top of the car driving along a winding mountainous road with a V8-soundtrack in the background. The old GT S offered an increase in power, so it’s likely the new S will top the current GT’s 542bhp and 770Nm of torque, while retaining the same 4.0-litre twin-turbocharged V8. 

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Accompanying the short clip is a close-up image of the new car’s wheel, showing a fresh alloy design and red brake calipers. It looks like the S will not use the GT Speed’s 440mm diameter carbon ceramic brake discs and 10-piston calipers – which took the title of the world’s largest brakes ever fitted to a production car. 

Bentley says the new S will be ‘focused on driving performance and striking visual cues’ and while the 2,164 kg Continental GT might sound like a tough platform to create a true driver’s car, the excellent GT S of 2014 proved that Bentley could make a fast, fun and luxurious grand tourer. 

We expect the GT S to cost significantly more than the standard GT’s £157,900 starting price, although not as much as the £209,900 GT Speed. 

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