Motorway Cops share reason why they always pull over and ‘inspect’ a car – ‘straight away’

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Channel 5 series Motorway Cops: Catching Britain’s Speeders follows the units who patrol the UK motorways.

Motorway Cops follows PC Ian Costgrove who is covering miles of road trying to catch Britain’s speeders.

PC Costgrove’s duty, he explains, is to make sure vehicles adhere to the rules of the road.

He quickly spots a car that catches his attention.

The officer decides to stop a Mercedes for one single reason: the vehicle is notably damaged.

“I’m going to inspect this car as it looks it has been in an accident,” he explains.

The back of the car is completely destroyed but the driver claims it wasn’t like that “this morning”.

The driver is not carrying his driving license but explains the collision happened months ago.

He claimed the car was involved in a bump in London and after that, he drove up to Liverpool.

The driver explained he didn’t get it fixed as “it wasn’t always in this condition.”

“It wasn’t like that before,” he claimed.

However, PC Costgrove said: “But it was flapping like a wing when I saw it!”

“It’s not going to come off,” the driver insisted.

However, the officer decides to take the vehicle off the road for driving in a dangerous condition.

“It could affect other cars,” he explained.

When another officer arrives at the scene to take the car away, PC Costgrove said: “He says it wasn’t like that this morning. But look, he even tried to put a plaster on it!”

“You should have thought it isn’t safe to drive now,” the officer told the driver.

“I have no option but to seize it,” he explained.

The driver also got a ticket for driving a vehicle likely to cause danger but was taken to the nearest train station so he could “continue his journey”.

In a previous episode, officer PC Niaz also explained the main warning sign to pull over a car: when the vehicle is damaged.

“When you see damage on vehicles, it’s a red light straight away,” PC Niaz explained.

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