Motorists advised of quick fix as frost warning could lead to expensive car repairs

Technician demonstrates how to check your windscreen wipers

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Further sub-zero temperatures are forecast for this weekend as some meteorologists have even said some parts of the UK could experience temperatures as low as minus three degrees. With the temperatures expected to stay low, drivers are being urged to make sure their cars are in a road legal state before they set off on their journey.

James Fairclough, CEO of AA Cars, warned drivers: “Make sure wipers are not stuck to the windscreen.

“If your windscreen wipers are stuck to the glass owing to freezing conditions, then you can inadvertently cause damage to the wiper motor or blades, or even blow a fuse which controls other systems, if you try to operate them in this situation.

“You should always make sure that wipers are not stuck to the windscreen before you drive away.

“If you have automatic wipers, make sure they are turned off when you park so they do not come on straight away when you start the car.

“You can also consider lifting the wipers off the windscreen, so they don’t freeze to the glass.

“Leave enough time for the car to warm up and always clear your windscreen fully before driving.

“You should also check your screenwash levels, as this is particularly important in winter when there is more mud and salt on the roads.

“Make sure your additive works at low temperatures, so it does not freeze.”

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As with the windscreen, drivers are urged to avoid using boiling water when trying to unstick the wiper blades.

Warm water should be used instead to slowly melt any ice, snow or frost as boiling water could damage the windscreen and potentially wear away paint on the car.

Many experts advise drivers to check their wipers every season for wear and tear.

A worn wiper does not effectively clear the surface of the windshield resulting in poor visibility.

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