Mid-Engined C8 Corvette 'Leaked' Through Old VHS Video Footage

There’s no possible way this could be fake.

Holy cow Corvette fans, do we have a scoop for you! Not only did an anonymous hero catch the highly anticipated C8 mid-engined Corvette completely uncovered, this brave soul scaled the walls of a military installation – apparently armed with a 1980s-era VHS camcorder – to get footage of it. How else can we explain the static-infused picture, air raid siren, and ferocious sound of guard dogs preparing to tear this super spy apart?

Actually, we can explain it all rather easily – it’s fake. It’s clever and rather amusing, but yes, this is a computer creation from start to finish. We feature it here because it’s actually pretty funny with the siren and the static, not to mention the ominous “spy cam 04” plastered in the upper left of the video. It’s also here, however, because it’s actually a pretty good rendering of the C8 Corvette that offers a different interpretation from what we’ve seen on other photos.

For starters, the hood has a massive vent that we haven’t seen anywhere else, not even on the C8.R spy photos we captured nearly a year ago. The roof on this rendering looks longer too, perhaps because the side quarter glass is a solid trapezoid that stretches further back. Other renderings and spy photos tell us that window will be short and curved upwards. For that matter, the entire car is presented here with fewer curves. It’s an interesting take, if not entirely accurate based on the many spy shots we’ve seen. Call this the Lamborghini interpretation of the next-generation Corvette.

As for the origin of this clever video, it was posted to YouTube back on June 10 by Corvette Nut. We’ve seen more than a few spy videos from this poster, but this time we did some extra digging since the video has a 2NCS stamp on it. Turns out, 2NCS takes us to YouTube and Instagram accounts with content that looks very similar to this Corvette creation, though we didn’t find a matching clip anywhere within those channels.

Whoever is the original artist behind this, thanks for giving us a cool interpretation of an insanely anticipated supercar, all wrapped up in a witty video. As for the real deal, all will be revealed in just over two weeks.

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