Mercedes-Maybach EQS SUV set to attack luxury car market

The Maybach division of Mercedes-Benz is working on an even more premium version of the EQS SUV

Sitting atop the Mercedes EQ all-electric range is the EQS SUV, but Maybach is looking to take things a step further with its new variation of the ultra-premium SUV. 

We’ve seen the Maybach EQS SUV testing before but these latest images give us a better look at the new car. There won’t be too many rivals for Maybach’s latest creation because it’ll sit above the likes of BMW’s iX, the upcoming Volvo EX90 and the Lotus Eletre. It’ll no doubt be aimed at buyers of high-end internal-combustion engined SUVs, such as the Rolls-Royce Cullinan and Bentley Bentayga. 

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It’s clear the production model will take plenty of design inspiration from the concept car previewed in 2021. Just like the upcoming facelifted model of the Mercedes-Maybach GLS (the EQS SUV’s internal-combustion-engined alternative), we don’t expect to see any major changes to the body. The test car we spied looks almost production-ready.

On the front of this test car there’s clearly a new grille and front bumper shape, with a revised headlight design and large lower air intakes – the full-width LED strip along the bonnet line is retained. The concept featured a Mercedes bonnet emblem, rather than Maybach’s logo, plus it didn’t have the large three-pointed star at the front. This new design choice has already been seen on the latest Maybach S-Class.

The wheels of this development car are relatively modest given Maybach’s history. The concept featured 24-inch rims and the standard EQS SUV has 21-inch wheels. We expect to see 22-inch or even 23-inch rims on the Maybach. Mercedes says the side steps actually help with aerodynamic efficiency on the EQS SUV, so they’ll likely feature on the finished product. 

The metalwork at the rear is now uncovered. It looks largely unchanged from the Mercedes car, although there will be a Maybach logo on the rear pillar plus a new signature for the rear lights. Previous test cars have featured a panoramic roof, which isn’t a surprise given Maybach tends to throw every Mercedes option available at its cars. 

Underneath the Maybach EQS SUV will be the EVA II architecture that underpins all EQE and EQS models. It gets a 107.8kWh battery – for a range of 365 miles – and two electric motors producing 536bhp and 858Nm of torque. That’s enough to get it from 0-62mph in 4.5 seconds.

The EQS SUV is already on sale from £129,170 and we expect the more premium Maybach model to comfortably exceed the £200,000 mark when it launches this year.

Concept Mercedes-Maybach EQS

Mercedes debuted its Maybach concept at the Munich Motor Show in 2021. The Concept Mercedes-Maybach EQS was meant to showcase the EQS SUV’s design, along with the extra-luxurious and sustainable treatments that will feature on its Maybach derivative.

The exterior features an enormous flush front grille, ultra-slim headlights and a specific Maybach two-tone colour scheme in black and red metallic paints.Other bespoke features for the luxury sub-brand include chrome pin-striping, vast 24-inch alloy wheels and detailing on the running boards at the base of the sills, along with sensors in the driver’s door that will open it automatically as the driver approaches. The rear doors can also be opened remotely. It’s not known if these feature will reach the production car. 

Inside, the concept offered several features taken from the latest S-Class, including a pair of ‘first-class suite’ seats in the rear, along with a high-end entertainment system and a ‘vase insert’ in the central tunnel. The layout incorporates a storage area that can accommodate folding tables, a box of champagne glasses or a refrigeration unit. Mercedes says that the extra seat height permitted by the SUV body allows larger calf rests on the seats than on the conventional limousine.

Up front, there’s an enormous MBUX Hyperscreen, complete with Maybach-specific graphics, that extends almost the entire width of the dashboard. It incorporates a 12.3-inch OLED screen for the front passenger, giving them their own display and control area. The system uses eye tracking technology to comply with rules on screen use; if it detects the driver is looking at the passenger’s display, it dims certain types of content that would be prohibited.

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