Mercedes-Benz EQS: Everything You Need To Know

Get to know the impressive EQS.

Cast your mind back to the launch of the Mercedes EQS concept at the International Motor Show in Germany in 2019. There was palpable excitement at the idea of Mercedes was turning its attention to a fully electric, dedicated BEV at this standard. 

This wasn’t just another big SUV, or a combustion car adapted to electric with some batteries stuffed under the seats. It was a futuristic-looking, streamlined sedan, packed with technology and huge range. 

And now it has arrived, the uber-luxurious, technologically advanced, 770km range Mercedes EQS.

So I think we can all agree that the Mercedes EQS is a compelling option for those that are in the market for a big, luxurious EV but don’t want the SUV style. There is some serious competition on the market now. The likes of the Tesla Model S, or the Lucid Air will be fighting it out to see which is the best.  

Watch the video for more on the EQS.

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